Going Raw!

After a weekend full of delicious food and sweets, it's time to jump back on the raw bandwagon for a while.

Ideally, I'd like to go raw today and stay that way until Easter, which will be almost a week. I'm hoping this is will make me feel lighter, healthier, and help me to shed a few pounds. :)

Because raw foods are still a new thing to me, I don't know much about them, and I'm a poor college student, I will be relying mostly on fresh fruits and minimal fresh vegetables, hopefully being able to experiment with some recipes a little bit over easter break.

I would love to experiment with dehydrating soon... and also with raw food "cooking" in general. So exciting!

So. Ready, set,......go raw!


  1. I thought raw wasn't as good because your body more easily acquires nutrients from cooked food?

  2. raw is great because you are getting all of the nutrients the food has to offer you, because when you cook food, some of the nutrients start to disappear.

  3. Your blog looks beautiful! You are so smart to figure it out so quickly! :)

  4. Cooked foods tend to dissolve essential nutrients during the process.