I love to shop.

Stuart skipped his first class this morning, so we stayed in bed until probably 11:40am... :) I love sleeping in late. Then we both got ready and headed towards campus... he went to class, and I went on a shopping spree.
First I stopped at American Apparel, where I didn't find anything. Then I went to Clifton Natural Foods... great idea! SO MANY GREAT THINGS. I bought hazelnuts, carob covered almonds, carob fruit and nut circles, cacao and goji chocolate squares, and free magazines to read. They had a lot of awesome things there I've never seen before, and an entire area dedicated to vegan sweets (muffins, cookies, cakes, breads, fruit and oat bars, doughnuts, and so much more...) It was hard to turn more things down.
Then I headed to Urban Outfitters. So expensive, but I absolutely LOVE that store. I headed to the sale section downstairs, and lo and behold... cheap kitchen items!! I got two Alice in Wonderland plates for only $2.99 each (I later decided I should have got a matching set of 4....oh well), a cute squirrel plate, ceramic ice cream cone measuring sppons, and a cute little plush owl for my friend Megan. Adorable. I almost bought bacon flavored popcorn (it was vegan!) for for $6 for only 3 packages, I decided to pass.
Then I walked to the new frozen yogurt store, Yogurt Vi. I really just wanted to check it out, because I heard it was like Yagoot, except you fill your bowl and put toppings on it yourself. Naturally, I didn't plan on buying any because it's not vegan. HOWEVER....the first thing I see when I walk in was orange sorbet (which is vegan, my friends!) SO EXCITED!!! I filled my bowl and put kiwi, strawberries, and mango pieces on top. I also tried a couple pieces of jackfruit (not the greatest), lychee (delicious!) and logan fruits (similar tasting to lychee, except lychee was better). Overall, this is MUCH better than Yagoot. You get more for your money and have a much wider variety of flavors and toppings. Great experience. Stuart met me there after class and he got some cheesecake frozen yogurt with a bunch of cheesecake pieces, hot fudge and fruit.
I stayed at his house until  around 4, then headed home. After eating dinner at LaRosas we journeyed to Whole Foods, where I spent a good fifty bucks....

I plan on experimenting with some recipes from Ani's Raw Food Essentials over break. I plan on making a bunch of different things, including raw pizza and cookies, so I'll post pictures later on how that went... I bought: flour, raw agave, buckwheat groats, hazelnuts, raw cashews, brown flax seeds, sucanat, chickpeas, raw sunflower seeds, raw kale chips, almond milk and vegan cane sugar. Whew!! I also bought two freshly baked vegan bundt cakes.. one carrot cake, and one mocha chocolate chip. Delicious.
Then we returned home and headed to Kroger to pick up some fruit and vegetables...
And yes...I DID put all my produce together in color batches :) Some is just for eating, and some will be used to make raw soups and pizza and breads...Overall, a great day. I also got some cupcakes from Sugar Cupcakery that are now in freezer...one is chocolate with a ginger almond butter icing...and the other is strawberry rhubarb! Tomorrow is Earth Day, and Sugar Cupcakery is giving away free cupcakes to those who bring a container to put them in, and a free cup or coffee if you bring your own mug! I'll be there as soon as they open :)
Finally, one parting picture that I found in Kroger. Princess grapes! I'm so excited they are now marketing fruit as a Disney product.. I'm sure it makes them taste better... :) And they have Disney trivia on teh back of the bag. Have a lovely night!


  1. Ohmygoodness! I love those plates! I heart Alice in Wonderland truly, madly, and deeply! In fact, I just decided that I am going to have a tea party for my birthday this year! And the food? Looks great...can't wait to hear about your adventures in cookery! :)

  2. haha, I totally decided a while ago my birthday this year would be a tea party as well! :)

  3. that's awesome! great minds think alike! ;)