it's funny how, after eating totally raw for 3 and 3/4 days, i eat some fries and feel totally crappy. like, my insides feel saturated in fat. it's disgusting and it's weighing me down. and my face is now greasy.
i guess you never really notice how your body responds to things until you totally cut everything out of your system for a while...
this just shows me that i seriously need to cut crap food out of my diet and try to eat mainly healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables. 
Fried foods are really high in saturated fat, which is "one of the major risk factors for heart disease. A diet high in saturated fat causes a soft, waxy substance called cholesterol to build up in the arteries. Too much fat also increases the risk of heart disease because of its high calorie content, which increases the chance of becoming obese(another risk factor for heart disease and some types of cancer)." - MedlinePlus
Gross. I don't want to be obese.


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