thinkGreen festival

Yesterday I attended the "thinkGreen Festival," hosted by Marvin's Organic Gardens and sponsored by Whole Foods. It was really cool! We got there almost an hour early to make sure we got free gift bags (reusable totes filled with free food, beauty, and household samples!).
Sugar Cupcakery was there and gave out free mini cupcakes! (Even vegan friendly ones - vanilla with chocolate icing). Whole Foods had a stand where you could sample vegan graham crackers and spin a wheel to win a prize of your choice - I got two Honest Teas, and my mom got a bottle of dish soap.

(Above: some random people spinning the Whole Foods wheel!)
The selection of prizes! I really wanted to graham crackers, but they had honey in them, so I passed it up...it's SO HARD to find good crunchy vegan graham crackers in stores. They all have honey. What's up with that?

For lunch, I had a hot wing wrap with ranch sauce from The Loving Hut - so tasty! Made with seitan.
Overall, it was a really cool experience, and I left with so many free samples and totes... it was great! :)