Vegan Waffles

This past weekend, I stayed with Stuart's family in Columbus. They are still not really on-board with the whole idea of living a vegan lifestyle, so when Stuart woke me up at 9:30am to tell me that his dad and stepmom (Erin) specifically bought me a box of vegan waffles, I was really shocked and excited. Vegan waffles? By Van's? So exciting!

Although I had never had Van's before, I had heard good things and had definitely wanted to try it (but didn't feel like investing the money in it). So, even though I'm usually not hungry when I wake up (and this time was no different) I still decided to try it out.

SO DELICIOUS! Pop them in the toaster, then spread some fruit preserves over the top, and they taste like a biscuit! Crispy on the outside and light and moist on the inside. Also great with fresh fruit and maple syrup. I recommend trying these waffles. You will definitely not regret it!

Also while in Columbus, everyone is Stuart's family bought their own pint of ice cream, and we all sat and ate the pints of ice cream together. Because I wanted to feel included, I purchased the pint of ice cream you see above.... Cherry Nirvana by Purely Decadent. It's basically cherry cordial ice cream for vegans. It was pretty good, although I definitely had higher hopes for it. Maybe I should have gotten Chocolate Obsession or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Regardless, I did eat the entire pint. 

However, I think the Purely Decadent brand has a great line of coconut milk ice creams!! They have this GREAT Pomegranate Chip flavor...so good! For all you Cincinnati-ans, it tastes just like Graeter's black raspberry chip ice cream. It's worth the nearly $7 you shell out for it!


  1. "So Delicious" is a great coconut milk ice cream alternative. It's SUPER creamy and pretty cheap!

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