Book Club!

Hellooooo bloggies. How is everyone?
A small note- I would love for you guys to comment more, so I feel like I'm actually writing for someone! That would make me so excited!

How would you guys feel about starting a book club? Would anyone join me in reading through a couple books this summer? What do you think?


This week, I've been trying to go without eating bread, sugar, or pasta. Not too hard, so far. However... I think I've been stretching it a little. I tried to make sugar-less vegan doughnuts yesterday - which is starchy like bread and pasta, but yet its not either... so I think I've not been doing this to my full extent. I could be doing it a lot better.

I think I'm going to go back to trying to eat raw for a while- it's just all around better and healthier for me, plus it will help me kick both bread and sugar for while! Yay. I'm not sure when I will start that, though. We'll see!

Coming soon... a DELICIOUS veggie chili recipe for you that I whipped up last night! YUMMY!!!!

Would you be interested in reading books this summer with me?
What do you think about eating raw?

Please comment!
Much love,