British Tea Party!

I'm currently in the process of planning my 20th birthday party.

It's going to have a British Tea Party!

So excited. While I'm not sure exactly WHAT I'll be making, here is what I'd like to have (it's a lot, so I'll probably have to narrow it down a bit)

-vegan Earl Grey & Cappuccino cupcakes from Sugar Cupcakery

-Homemade chocolate cake with a raspberry filling, covered in vegan fondant and sugar/edible flowers
-coconut milk ice cream of some sort, plus regular ice cream for my guests
-tea cookies; perhaps citrus shortbread? does anyone have any ideas here?

-hot tea and Passion tea lemonade
-bubbly fruit drinks from Trader Joes

-Cucumber/herb sandwiches (with vegan butter and herb spread)
-Bruschetta (tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, basil)
-Fruit kabobs with pineapple, grapes, strawberries and mango
-lemon ginger scones w/ jelly
-pretzel rods
-veggie tray with carrots, cauliflower, bell pepper, hummus and ranch (for friends)
-fruit sushi

            Vintage boxes- lined with tissue paper for food
            Buy some pitchers from party city
            Outdoor table set up with table cloth
            Colorful plastic cups
            Eat me and drink me labels
            Name cards/labels for food and drinks
            Gerbera daisy centerpiece

            Board games
            Piñata (make one)
            The name game
            Change of seats

Have you guys ever hosted a tea party? Do you have any suggestions for food? What about activities?
Much love, 

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