Farewell, friend.

How do you feel about putting animals to sleep?

Personally, I hate it. I mean, who doesn't? But to me it feels like murder, like I'm euthanizing them or something. We dont do that to humans, so why do we do it to animals? It kills me.

My mom woke me up yesterday telling me that I need to take my rabbit, Lizzie (it's a boy), to the vet to put him to sleep, because she won't be able to watch them do it. Lizzie is 10 years old, which is significantly longer than rabbits normally live (they have a lifespan of about 6-8 years typically). Lizzie cannot walk and just lies flat like a pancake all day, and cannot eat or drink unless someone is holding him and helping him to do so.

So yesterday I put my rabbit to sleep at 1:30. It was hard. I won him at a fair, totally on accident, years ago. I played the game because I thought I wouldn't win, but of COURSE, i did. We were told he was a girl. Ha. the doctor then told us otherwise after we already named it, so we just kept Lizzie! Talk about a gender-confused rabbit.

Farewell, my friend. You will be missed.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. The loss of an animal companion is certainly a difficult thing to bear. The few unfortunate times I've had to put animals to sleep, it seemed like it was the best thing I could do for them to relieve them of their pain. So does it feel like murder? Not necessarily to me because if we could speak the same language, I'm sure they would be asking us to take the pain away, and sometimes death is the only way to do that. It's a difficult question you've asked, but I'm sure Lizzie appreciated everything you had done for him, and was thankful to you for taking his pain away.

  2. Thanks. I know, I'm sure its good he's not in pain anymore, but I still feel terrible about it.