mmmm. chocolate.

First order of business.

QUICK! Everyone click here right away and order some Nicobella Organic Truffles... they are half off! (only $6 instead of $12...a BARGAIN.) I've never tried these before, but I've really wanted to, except that $12 for 6 truffles is a bit pricey. Anywho... go buy some! This deal only lasts for one more day...


That aside, how is everyone tonight? I'm pretty ecstatic, because my first article was published today on Your Daily Vegan! Yay! Click the link to read my article on coconut oil vs. coconut butter!

I 'll also be a contributor for Done Vegan pretty soon when I publish something there as well! :) Oh happy day. 

Today I ran/walked a mile... my goal for the summer is to be able to run a mile without stopping. Sounds lame, I know, but I'm really not a runner. At all. So that's my goal. Right now the most I can run without stopping is about 1/4 mile. So hopefully I can achieve that goal!

Then.. tonight I made something super delicious. Something..chocolatey. With orange. and fudgey-ness. What could it be? ........

That's right folks: Chocolate Orange Brownies! Yummy! These really really pretty good; I took a non-vegan recipe and turned it vegan in a flash.... 

Recipe tomorrow :)

Have a wonderful night!

Much love, 


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