Tips for a new vegan!

My best friend from grade school, Megan, has just told me she wants to go vegan because of animal rights but needs some tips and advice on what to eat, good substitutes for meat and dairy, and really anything.  

What tips do you have for her?


  1. Almond Milk! Love that stuff. And Earth Balance. Find joy in new foods rather than missing old foods/trying to replicate them. Start off making foods that don't traditionally need meat in them and then move towards making foods with tofu/seitan/tempeh etc. Become a vegan foodie.

  2. I agree with Emily on everything. It's funny; "vegan" and "foodie" almost seem to go hand-in-hand. Learning how to make seitan is such a good skill to pick up for quick, easy meals. Make a batch on the weekend, and freeze/refrigerate in portions to easily throw into whatever's cooking for dinner. Also, it helps to personally know at least one vegan. It's a support network, and someone to help keep you on track. :)