A "major" change.

Recently I've been contemplating what to do about my major at school.

Xavier is a great school, but they literally don't offer any majors I'm interested in. I knew that going in, but i decided to go XU anyways and try to find a major I liked while in school because my mom loved it and really did not like the University of Cincinnati (which is where I wanted to go). I declared English major my freshman year, but I've never really loved it. 

The English major is all about reading and criticizing books, which is great if you're going to be a teacher. Or a literary analysist or something. Which is totally NOT what I want to do.

What I want to do is something like food journalism, non-fiction writing, or something to that nature. At least, that Xavier can offer me. I'd really be into nutritional sciences or pastry/culinary arts, but that's not something Xavier can offer.

So I emailed them today and asked them if they could work with me to establish either a journalism related major (which they don't have, and don't even have CLASSES about it, which is so weird), or something non-fiction writing based (like food/magazine writing). Hopefully they write back soon.

The only reason I started thinking about this again is because I was reading the blog 17 and Baking, which I just discovered today. This girl is only a year younger than me and has exactly the same passions: writing, food, and photography (although you can't tell I love photography because I don't have a nice camera...). An old blog of her's was about how she started out as a journalism magazine, but soon realized it wasn't what she loved and switched to a writing major with a journalism minor (because she wanted to have a column and write for a magazine). Which is kinda where I want to go too. So I'm hoping Xavier will respond with a positive answer.

So that's my random blog of the moment, and I'll leave you with some eye candy...

Crispy Tofu Sticks

Lavender Rosewater Scones

Much love, 


  1. Those crispy tofu sticks look yummy. :) I kind of had an experience like yours at college (wanted to be a music business major, but that didn't exist, so I was able to make it up!). Good luck getting what you want--the only advice I can give you is to get an internship that fits the major you come up with. I'm 5 years into my professional career, and my internship helped me out tremendously.

    On a side note, I get emails from the Vegetarian Resource Group, and thought this excerpt in their most recent email might appeal to you:


    Two of our summer interns are working on an article about being a vegan student in college, and they have some questions that they would
    like to ask current students. If you or someone you know is a vegan student in college who is interested in contributing to the article,
    please e-mail Lindsey or Jessica at vrg@vrg.org Thank you so much! "

  2. That's so awesome! Thanks so much, I emailed them. It looks really cool1 I'll keep you updated about if I get picked!