Welcome to the new site!

I am really excited about the new direction of the site, the new name, and (drum roll please), our NEW DOMAIN NAME!!! You can now reach us at: www.passingdaisies.net. Please update your bookmarks and tell your friends about it! I would love for some new readers :)

On another note, I have made a few changes/additions.

  1. UPDATED: The "About" page. I added a lot of information on why I chose the name (it's basically just what I posted on an earlier post) and updated/added a lot more info about me. I also added lots of pictures. 
  2. ADDED: A "Featured On" page. I actually added this maybe a week ago, but it's still relatively new. You can see other things I've written for other sites or where this site has been featured. Hopefully that will grow in the future!
  3. ADDED: A "Shop Passing Daisies" page. I don't have a store yet, but this page posts my ideas of what I would potentially like to sell and where I will host it. I would love for you guys to go and comment directly on the page itself, and let me know what you would like to see, or what you think of my ideas! And flavor options as well! :) Please leave feedback about this because it will really help me out!
  4. ADDED: "Wishlist" page. This is just a list of all the things I've never made (or at least never tried to make vegan) before and want to. It also includes a list of kitchen gadgets I really want to add to my pantry.
  5. ENABLED: You can now comment directly on each page! You can still comment on posts of course, but now you can comment all the other pages like About, Wishlist, Shopping, Literature, etc. I'm really excited about this!
  6. NEW EMAIL: You can now email me at rachael@passingdaisies.net with any questions, comments, concerns, etc. 
  7. UPDATED: our look. Clearly, the website has a different design and layout to it, which I like a lot. I think the white makes it look professional and very clean, while the post titles are in a whimsical cursive font. It's nice. Do you like my color choices?
  8. ADDED: Popular Posts. If you look on the right side of the page and scroll down, you will see something that says "Popular Posts" which will show the top 5 posts on the website. Honestly, the top 5 really surprised me!
I think that's all. I'm really excited about these changes and the direction I'm moving. If anyone knows of any place I could blog for, or have the site featured on, please let me know! I'd love for more traffic. 

What do you think of the changes? Do you have any other ideas of things you'd like to see? Comments?
Much love,