Bacon popcorn. And yes, my friends, it's vegan!

I love bacon. LOVED, bacon, I should say. Since I don't eat it anymore! I think, for a lot of vegans, giving up bacon has been a pretty hard thing.

One of my favorite sandwiches as a kid used to be BLT's. So good! With extra bacon, of course. Lightly toasted wheat bread, smothered in mayo, layered with thick slices of tomato sprinkled with salt, and a tiny bit of lettuce. Even more than that, I used to LOVE tomato sandwiches! Simply toast with mayo and tomatoes. It was phenomenal. Tomato juice oozed all over the plate and, more often than not, made a mess all over the table and possibly your clothing.

What is it about bacon that makes it so good, anyways? It can't be the fact that it comes from killing a little piggie. Because that is a very sad thing. I think it's because it's salty, smoky, and crunchy all at the same time; three things that can make almost anything taste delicious. Of course, there is liquid smoke; it's how vegans can still make dishes like authentic southern collard greens and fakin' bacon and baked beans. Still, it's not quite the bacon flavoring.

Well, look no more.
JD Foods created Bacon Pop, the microwaveable popcorn that tastes like bacon AND is also vegan. The ingredients are simply popcorn, palm oil, salt, and natural and artificial bacon and butter flavors. (Butter flavoring is vegan!) It even says on the back of the box: "BaconPOP is even safe for vegans and vegetarians." How about that?

I have to say. It's delicious. I couldn't stop eating it! It's smoky, salty, and crunchy; everything that bacon was and this popcorn is.
They also just came out with a cheddar bacon popcorn, which is vegan as well! I hope to try this soon.

So, that's my exciting discovery. What do you think?

The Daisy Rating:

4/5 daisies!

Much love,

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