Feature Friday: Cupcakes and Kale

It's time again for FEATURE FRIDAY!!!!

This week, I'm featuring CUPCAKES AND KALE! It's an adorable little website run by Jessica from Ontario, Canada. 

I thought this blog was ADORABLE from the moment I first saw it. Two of her favorite things are, clearly, cupcakes and kale! Hence the name. Jessica also says on her blog that "there is the potential to make the world and infinitely better place everytime we sit down to eat.  embrace that here." She is a vegan who shares delicious looking recipes and healthy lifestyle advice for everyone. She also has a nice little pantry page, where she lists all the things she likes to keep within hands reach. 

Not gonna lie; I really want to make her Raw Chocolate Raspberry Mini Pies. Not only are they super cute and tiny, but they look delicious! And I've really been into the raw thing recently. Not that I've been eating a lot of raw foods (kind of hard when I'm so involved with RA training these couple weeks!), but that I WANT to be eating a lot more raw foods. Things that are better for me. Maybe once training is over, that can happen. 

Also, let's talk about her Blueberry Cornmeal Pancakes. They look amazing! Thick, fluffy, chewy... these gluten-free beauties look wonderful.

And, Blueberry Lemonade Cupcakes!!! You all know I LOVE a good cupcake. Not GF, but it could totes be made GF. 

Basically, I love this girl. She is adorable, and so is her website. Check her out when you get the chance!!! 

Much love,