FoodBuzz: Birdseye Chef's Favorites and Voila!

Alright everyone... prepare yourself for a non-vegan product review. I apologize. I really thought that I would be sent just regular frozen vegetables... Guess not! My parents ate these up and let me know what they thought, as well as took the pictures for me. So kudos to them. 

As a part of the FoodBuzz Tastemaker Program, I received in the mail 4 bags of frozen non-vegan goodies from Birdeye: Steamfresh Chef's Favorites to sample (see photo above). My parents thought they were pretty great, so if youre not vegan, I'd try them out :) 

Overall, I was told all of the products were pretty tasty. Very fresh in flavor and color. The vegetables were not mushy, they do not taste frozen, and they could easily pass for  homemade. Two were made on the stove top, and two were made in the bag. I was told the bag makes it very easy, it is already vented for you, and both the microwave and stove top cooking methods turned out well. It is called "Steamfresh," after all. So steaming in the bag is easy!

1. Lightly Sauced Creamed Spinach

My mom says this was very good and had a vibrant green color to it. She also says it was very fresh and tasted like it was homemade. It was also very creamy, which I think you can tell from the picture. And you can definitely see it was green! :) This was my mom's favorite out of the four I was sent. 
2. Lightly Sauced Red Potatoes and Green Beans

The potatoes in this were cooked just right and the green beans were still slightly crunchy when heated. This is really good for a family because its something kids love - potatoes! This was my dad's favorite dish (Again, potatoes are a guy food.)

3. Lightly Sauced Mushroom and Green Bean Risotto

This risotto has big mushroom flavor, so it's good for people who love mushrooms. My mom HATES mushrooms, and she even liked this dish. It was super creamy and delicious and had lots of green beans, which was a win. 

4. Lightly Sauced Primavera Vegetable Risotto

Personally, I think this is DEFINITELY the prettiest dish out of all of them. The white arborio rice really is great for contrasting the colorful veggies. Could be creamier, but it was cheesy and had a fresh basil flavor. My dad wasn't the biggest fan because it had a lot of peas (and he doesn't love peas all the much). But overall, they thought it was pretty good.

The FoodBuzz TasteMaker Program soon after sent me another package in the mail, complete with 100 coupons for buy 1 get 1 free Chef's Favorites in the mail, along with a coupon for a free meal (My parents ate this as well, and they chose the Beef Lo Mein).

Sad face :( I honestly don't think I could go back to eating meat now even if I wanted to. Just thinking about the poor dead cow on that plate makes me sad.

But, again, if you're only flirting with veganism, maybe this will be a good thing for you to try out. My parents said this was delicious. The vegetables were crunchy, and beef was tender, and it cooked quickly. After only 10 minutes a meal for two was ready to be served.

So, there we go. Not a vegan? Try these guys out. They look pretty tasty, from what the pictures show.