The Original Banana Bowl

It's really great to be back at college. It's my second home. I love my friends, I love my Res. Life staff, I love working on The Newswire, I love my residents, I love my Navigators family.... basically, I just love college. 

The past two years have been an amazing experience. I've definitely had my ups and downs; that's no secret. It's been a bumpy ride, some parts bumpier than others. But you know what? I've made it through those bumpy parts. And now I'm here! 

Today was my first official day of class. It went really fast; I already have a bunch of reading I have to do for Oral Communications (finished! - and my first speech next week...), Forensics (read chapter 1), and Early English Literature (read the Intro, some random short story, and a handout). I have my lunch schedule for every Tuesday pretty much set (LUNCH WITH BLAKE!!! - best friend from grade school) and I have my gym schedule for the week ready to go. 

My workout schedule: 730 am everyday (except Wednesday; that's 7am), alternating every other day with who my workout buddy is! Kelsey will be with me on MWF, and Elizabeth will be with me on Tues/Thurs. It's SO nice having someone else go with you. It's motivation to get out of bed! Literally. I won't go to the gym that early if I'm by myself. So it's great! 

Today was the first time I've worked out in a while, and it was REALLY obvious too. It was a bit harder to do the cross trainer than it normally is. Hopefully after this week it will get a lot better. 

Tomorrow I'm hosting a game night for the freshmen with free Chipotle. Should be a good time!

More than anything, I'm tired. I think I'll read a bit and then hit the sack early. 

But first, a new recipe!


These things have become my staple breakfast in college. And dessert, too! You can take this basic recipe and tweak it however you like to make it a bit different. Add chocolate chips and it's a dessert. Ta-da! Look out SOON for a whole bunch of variations to be posted! My Elvis Banana Bowl will be up next... 

The ORIGINAL Banana Bowl

1 banana, sliced
1 T. nut butter of choice
½ T. fruit preserves of choice
Handful of raisins (optional)
Handful of chocolate chips (optional – makes this a great dessert)

In a medium bowl, mix nut butter and fruit preserves. Place banana slices on top of nut butter mixture. Sprinkle with chocolate chips and raisins, if using. Grab a spoon and enjoy!

Nutritional Info
Servings: 1
Calories: 333 (includes 1 T. each of raisins and chocolate chips)
Carbs: 54g
Fat: 13g
Protein: 6g