what i ate wednesday! [a bit late]

First, thank you to the two of you who commented on my previous post. Kind words. :) I love when people leave comments!!

I realize it's a bit late on a Wednesday night (or an early Thursday morning?)...but here is what I ate today! Sorry for the lack of pictures. I didn't realize it was Wednesday until after I had eaten my lunch. haha.

Bowl of Almond Cauliflower soup from Loving Hut Cafe
Raw Chocolate Shortcake smoothie from Loving Hut Cafe
GF/Vegan Chocolate Chip Cherry Cookie

A piece of GF bread loaded with veggies, stoneground mustard, EB MindfulMayo, and hot pepper spread

Rest of the Raw Chocolate Shortcake smoothie from Loving Hut Cafe

1 cup of JD's Bacon flavored popcorn
1 strawberry mojito truffle

REALLY late night snack
Brown rice pasta mixed with curried spaghetti squash and Tease cheddar cheese!

Not gonna lie. I shouldn't have eaten that pasta this late at night (1100 pm, anyone?). But it sounded so good!  I'm hoping once I move back into the dorms (which is on Saturday!!!!) I won't be eating so much crap/I won't have the desire to cook as much food. Ha. I'll be much healthier that way!!

On another note, as I mentioned before, I'm moving back to school on Saturday! So excited! The next week is going to be super intense with RA training from 9am to 9pm every day, but it will be a lot of fun! Unfortunately, I still have so much to do before I leave.

The To-Do List! 
Finish packing/cleaning
     -room decor
     -RA supplies
     -kitchen supplies
     -workout supplies
Get produce from Kroger
Find a landline phone I can take with me? (I don't understand why RAs NEED to have one in their rooms.)
Finish prepping supplies for decorating door decks in the dorms
Print pictures for my frames
Put unused pictures onto CD so I can access them for future posts
Text Elizabeth about when I'm moving in Saturday so she can help!
The Daring Bakers challenge
Open up my thai young coconut in the fridge and dry out flesh/use guava/use dragonfruit
Talk to parents about *hopefully* letting me have my car on campus this year....
Remember to bring workouts DVDs/yoga mat/daisies to school
Visit TJs for a few grocery needs
Go to gym for the final time before moving in
Clean my fishy-fish (Aristotle)
Bring guitar
Mail EB coupon to winner of my giveaway!
Plus probably about a billion other things I'm failing to remember right now! 

What else should I bring with me to school?!

Tomorrow I'm taking Stuart to Melt, an eclectic deli that serves a bunch of both vegan and non-vegan meals that are DELICIOUS. I took him to Loving Hut Cafe today, but he really was not a fan at all. It made me sad and kind of frustrated when he just started at the menu (and his black rice burger) for like 30 minutes each. Sad face. 

Well, that's all she wrote for now. More tomorrow.... I'm announcing the winner of my GIVEAWAY!

Much love, 


  1. Awwww......it's a shame that Stuart didn't enjoy Loving Hut but I guess you can't please them all!