Nana-Gran Bowl

My love for banana bowls keeps growing the longer I am back at school. Not only are they so easy to make, but there are so many variations that you can do! Plus, I am in love with bananas.

Why do I love bananas so much?

This tropical fruit has tons of vitamin B6 (needed for creation of hemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells, to help carry oxygen to the body), vitamin C (an antioxidant needed for the growth and repair of body tissue - your body cannot make this on its own!), potassium (a mineral/electrolyte[an electrically charged  mineral that helps with the balance of water in your body, blood acidity (pH), and muscle function] that is needed for cellular body functions, building of muscle, and maintaining the body's acid/base balance), and manganese (a mineral/essential nutrient needed by the body for proper functioning, as well as prevention of osteoporosis, anemia, and PMS symptoms). 

Whew! Plus, did you know bananas can help your body better absorb calcium?!

Bananas are an exceptionally rich source of fructooligosaccharide, a compound called a prebiotic because it nourishes probiotic (friendly) bacteria in the colon. These beneficial bacteria produce vitamins and digestive enzymes that improve our ability to absorb nutrients, plus compounds that protect us against unfriendly microorganisms. When fructooligosaccharides are fermented by these friendly bacteria, not only do numbers of probiotic bacteria increase, but so does the body's ability to absorb calcium. In addition, gastrointestinal transit time is lessened, decreasing the risk of colon cancer. (Source)

So. why not love bananas?! For more of the health benefits, check out this website. I found it really helpful!

Nana-Gran Bowl
1 banana, sliced
1/4 c. Kaia Foods Raisin Cinnamon Buckwheat Granola (raw)
1/4 c. chilled almond milk (I used unsweetened)

Place all ingredients in a small bowl and stir. Enjoy!