Product Review: McCabe's Granola

Honestly, I was NOT looking to buy any more snacks when I went to the grocery store this time. 

But I saw this granola, and it was something I'd never seen before. It sounded REALLY good, plus it had peanut butter AND chocolate in it AND it was vegan... so I had to buy it, right?!

Even though it says "low in sugar" on the front of the package, I was still expecting it to be sweet. I mean, granola is typically pretty sweet and sugary for the most part. So when I took my first bite and it actually WAS low in sugar, I was pleasantly surprised. It was cool that it lived up to its marketing!

It was really delicious. It has pumpkin seeds and unsweetened coconut in the mix, both of which you can definitely taste. The coconut is the flavor that I remember being the most prominent. The peanut butter flavor is very light and not too heavy, while there are only few chocolate chunks in the mix. I liked that about this product; it actually is healthy granola because it's low in sugar and doesn't over-crowd the bag with sweet treats.  

It was also delicious when covered in almond milk. The perfect morning cereal! It's filling and delicious. Plus, it's filled with healthy items and sweetened with maple syrup instead of refined sugars. What more can you ask for? 

Although the company is Cincinnati based, you can order their granola online on their website! Go take a look at all of their other delicious flavors :)

I definitely recommend trying McCabe's Granolas. They have a few other flavors as well, both sounding equally delicious. Go try it!

The Daisy Rating:
4/5 stars

Much love,