What I Ate Wednesday [Travel Food]

This past weekend I spent the majority of my time on a spiritual retreat in Gatlinburg, TN. So much fun! I did eat pretty terribly while I was there however...an endless supply of junk food and unhealthy items were consumed. You know how traveling goes! However, I am getting back on track this week, and next week I'm starting a 21 day fast (The Daniel Fast - look it up!) so I'm excited! This week, I ate a lot more delicious things than were pictured here - spaghetti, granola, chocolate, animal crackers, subway veggie sandwiches, Godiva coffee drinks, and peanut pumpkin pie spread (check back in October for the recipe!), to name just a few. 

This week:
Lazy Bars (recipe soon)
Hummus, salad, and curried rice with lentils
Ben & Jerry's Mango & Berry Sorbet
Oatmeal with brown sugar & vanilla soymilk...& a banana

Where is your dream vacation and why?
Much love,