Vegan MoFo #26: Ani Phyo's Raw Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Today will be just a little bit of eye candy. 

I'm a huge fan of Ani Phyo. I love raw foods, and I secretly want to go all raw someday. But that's SO hard! Props to all you full-time raw people. 

Because of the Daniel Fast, I've been going without sugar or sweetener of any kind for 21 days. It's nearly over - the fast ends on October 16 (yay!) and I hope I can continue to avoid as much sugar as possible. I feel fabulous.

So I made this raw desert. Her chocolate cake (made from dates, cacao powder, and nuts) with her fruit jam (strawberries + dates)! So. Good. Seriously. I was a little sketch at first when I went to make it, but seriously. This stuff is good!

Straight out of the food processor!

Into the pan it goes...

With some homemade jam...


Do you enjoy raw foods? What is your favorite raw treat?
Much love,


  1. I've really been digging raw food this past several months. The only challenge I have is that we're a nut free house (daughter with life threatening allergies), and so many of the fun and elaborate raw dishes have nuts (especially desserts!)

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  3. I'm an Ani fan as well and I love raw foods! I did a raw on 30 days challenge during the summer and felt amazing. My fave raw treat would have to be banana soft-serve, it's so versatile and I love experimenting with different flavours.