What I [Ate] Wednesday [Vegan MoFo style]

Today and yesterday, I have been really sick. Talk about a swollen, sore throat and feeling like puking. But all is well, I didn't throw up, and I managed to eat the following items today:

1/2 a banana

A big bowl of jumbo red grapes

2 bowls of Harvest Soup (A DELICIOUS veggie soup from my cafeteria - I'll have to reinvent it!)
Some grilled veggies
A couple bites of green beans

Other good news, I'm back with Stuart <3 I think a month off is what we needed. I'm back to being more in love with him than ever, and I'm noticing small changes in him as well. Plus, now he can come see me, because he actually has a car! And he finally got an engineering co-op too... all is well!

Here's a look at some other things I ate this week (as the Daniel Fast continues - I've only slipped a couple times on minor things!)

A burrito bowl from Currito with tofu, veggies, and black bean hummus

These fruit snacks from Starbucks are SO addicting. 

One of my many Banana Bowls - this one with peanut butter, raisins, and unsweetened coconut

Homemade black eyed pea hummus

Ani Phyo's raw chocolate cake with homemade strawberry jam! So good.

A peanut butter version of my Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Bars

One of my slip-ups during the fast - soy rose chocolate chip ice cream! The rose flavor was so intense I could only handle a couple very small bites.

Vegan taco salad! Yummy.

This whole no eating sugar thing has made me feel so GOOD recently. I love how I feel. I don't know how long I'll be able to keep it up after the fast is over, but boy do I feel great right now. 

What food makes you feel your best?
Much love,


  1. Rose ice cream?! Wild. I would love to try that. What is a Daniel fast?

  2. It is essentially the vegan diet, but also eliminating ALL sugars of any sort, bread and things with leavening, and typically packaged/processed foods/things with chemicals and additives. It's for spiritual reasons :)


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