WIAW: Scraps

One, two, three... here's a peek at what I ate this week!

Banana with peanut butter and Ezekiel 4:9 Cinnamon Raisin cereal

Spice Pumpkin Pie Clif Bar

Blueberry Muffins with Cherry Pie Filling

Tea in my Libre bottle...which shattered...more on that in the upcoming product review

So Delicious Neapolitan Soy Ice Cream

Thumbprint Cookies

I have also swayed quite a lot from my vegan diet this week...and by a lot, I really mean that I ate a non-vegan cupcake and a cup of Yagoot fro-yo. Which really isn't that bad. But I am heavily considering just becoming a vegetarian now because I often feel guilty about the vegan label. Which I don't think is right. In fact, I am almost positive that I am now just going to refer to myself as a vegetarian. 

Why the switch from vegan to vegetarian after being vegan for pretty much EXACTLY a year? Mostly because I am vegan for health reasons, not animal rights. And I KNOW that being vegan is the healthiest way to go. However, I am also okay with eating some dairy throughout the day as long as it is in small amounts. For example, the main thing I will be eating is cheese, and that will not be that often either. 

But, never to fear. I plan to still eat mostly vegan, cook mostly vegan, buy vegan products, and eat dairy in moderation. The site will still be largely vegan as well, and if I feature recipes that are not vegan, I will include a way to make them vegan. I truly hope this will not stop anyone from reading my blog! I love all of you guys!

My main worry about this is that I will gain more weight back. However, I am getting back into my workout routine! I worked out today for the first time in a couple months and felt AMAZING, so hopefully that will continue. Instead of my usual early AM workout every day, I will be working out MWF around after my class (around 11:30am) and Tues/Thurs in the AM, hopefully around 7:30am. I will be making my boyfriend (Stuart) call me on those days when he gets up for work to make sure I am awake as well!

So, WIAW is about feeling guilt free, right? Here's to living guilt free about dietary choices - no matter what the dietary restriction.

Much love,


  1. Good for you being honest! I respect that you are making the decision that is right for you, based on your values. :) I'll still be around reading your blog!

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