WIAW #11: Yogurt and Brownies

It's been a yogurt week. 

A Trader Joe's soy yogurt week, to be exact. With almonds. 

And how about these brownies?!

Remember when I said I perfected the vegan brownie?
I lied. 
I have NOW perfected the vegan brownie! 
And to be quite honest... I only made that other brownie recipe once. I need to make them again
to truly remember if they are as amazing as I remember them to be. 

Until then, these babies are the replacement! They are SO fudgey and delicious it's RIDICULOUS. Everything I could ever hope for in a brownie!
I will be posting the recipe soon!!! <3

And apples. I ate a few apples. 

This week was also my first week as vegetarian and not 100% vegan, so I had some of Panera's macaroni and cheese (delicious, but the calories in a small cup scares me...), potato skins (made by a friend), and other various things. Delicious. 

Also, today I tried a new workout... it's called the 30 day challenge, and I found it on Pinterest! I will post the work out soon... I did it tonight for the first time, and boy do my arms and legs feel like jello. 
Totally worth the groaning and pain that it takes to get through the workout!! 

Have a great week!

Much love, 


  1. That brownie looks GORGEOUS! Moist with flaky bits on the top!!! :D

  2. @Vien - thanks so much! I can't wait to share the recipe! :)

  3. Can't wait for that recipe! I love a good gooey brownie :)

  4. Brownies and apples...I'm set!

  5. Yogurt and brownie = both awesome foods! :)

  6. I just bought some Trader Joe's brownie mix I'm going to try, it's low fat and uses yogurt. I'm a huge brownie lover so we'll see how they go, you're look so good!! Jessica


  7. yeah, TJ's looks like they make some good mixes, although I've never tried theirs!