Aw, What a "Good Cookie!" GIVEAWAY!

Do you like cookies?
Do you want to win your very own adorable spatula, that reads "Be A Good Cookie" on it?!

I thought you might say yes. Read on! 

I was recently sent one of OXO's newest products, their "Good Cookie" spatula, for free to help get the word out about Cookies for Kid's Cancer.  Cookies for Kid's Cancer was founded by two OXO employees after the diagnosis of their 2 year old son, Liam, with cancer. 

The site does a better job of explaining than I ever could, so here is more about the program:

Cookies for Kids' Cancer was founded by two OXOnians (OXO employees), Gretchen and Larry Witt who were inspired by their son Liam's battle with pediatric cancer. All forms of pediatric cancer combined claim the lives of more children in the United States than any other disease - more than asthma, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and AIDS combined. 

They were shocked to learn that the main reason over 25% of kids diagnosed with cancer do not survive is because of a lack of effective therapies. And the reason for the lack of effective therapies was simple: lack of funding. 

Gretchen and Larry believed that they could impact change - they just needed to state the need and make it easy for people everywhere to get involved. They also knew that, unlike many other parents facing a similar battle, that they had resources at their fingertips. They had to do something. 

For two longtime OXOnians, it only seemed natural that their call-to-action was related to the kitchen and to food. In December 2007, Gretchen had an idea that sounded just so crazy it would work - to hold one giant cookie sale to fund a new pediatric cancer treatment. In three weeks, 250 volunteers (many of them their fellow OXO employees) baked and sold 96,000 cookies and raised $400,000. 

Gretchen and Larry founded Cookies for Kids' Cancer to provide inspiration and support for individuals, communities and businesses to help fight pediatric cancer through the concept of local bake sales. Over the past four years, thousands of bake sales have been held, raising over $2.5 Million to fund pediatric cancer research. 

With less than 70 employees, OXOnians regard each other as family. The news of Liam's diagnosis hit us hard and we were determined to help "bake a difference." Since the beginning, we have shown our support by baking cookies and holding bake sales. Through these efforts, OXOnians have helped raise over $150,000 to support Cookies for Kids' Cancer. 

This year, we are thrilled to announce a formal partnership with this organization so close to our hearts, one that will enable us to play an even larger role in the movement to find a cure for pediatric cancer. In 2011, on top of our personal efforts to support this worthy cause, OXO will donate up to $100,000 to Cookies for Kids' Cancer. 

By going to their website and purchasing one of these great spatulas, you can help fight the battle against pediatric cancer! 50% of each purchase goes to help raise pediatric cancer awareness. You can also send virtual cookies to friends and family, and for each cookie sent OXO will make a donation as well (until December 31). 

Now, who wants to win one of these great spatulas?! OXO has kindly donated an extra one to help spread the word about this program! Here's how to win (leave a separate comment for each entry): 

MANDATORY - visit OXO Good Cookies and tell me one thing that stood out to you. 

Other ways to win: 
1. Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter, including a link back to this page and the tag @cityxlights13 (2 entries)
2. Send a virtual cookie and leave a comment saying you did. 
3. Subscribe to Passing Daisies via email (3 entries)
4. Follow Passing Daisies by clicking the "Follow" button at the very top of the page

That's all folks! Giveaway ends on 12/29 at midnight EST. Good luck! and MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE TOMORROW!!!!

Much love, 


  1. Their love of helping others stands out to me.

  2. I tweeted the giveaway (@rachelkyle0402)

  3. I follow you :)

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  4. The first sentence on the site, "Today, 25% of children diagnosed with cancer will not survive." That's terrible and frightening! A family friend's 3 year old daughter was just diagnosed with cancer. :(

  5. I love that they sell all-natural cookies for the kitchenly-challenged.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

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