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Hello friends!

Well, let's be honest. Finals are killing me. Mostly because I hate studying, rarely study, and get very distracted and bored out of my mind when I study. So you know what I do to help?

I procrastinate!

Today was my last day of finals, thank goodness. I had Forensics, Media Literacy, Oral Communications (speech class), Early English Literature, and Principles of Strategic Communications (this is basically an intro to public relations and advertising class) finals. Now I'm free! Hallelujah!

This is totally me.

The downside is that I can't leave school until Saturday morning, because I have to stay and help close down the dorms for Christmas. Oh well. There is still a lot I need to do, anyways: pack, clean, organize, defrost my fridge, and other things.

I usually work at Victoria's Secret for school breaks - however, since my Christmas break is cut a bit short for RA stuff I gotta come back and do, I'm going to be babysitting at a nearby church as much as I possibly can to make money. They pay me $10 an hour to babysit, and I've been picking up a lot of hours, which is great! Hopefully I make a decent amount of money off of this! I'll also be visiting a lot of family for those grand, yearly family gatherings everyone has. I'm not gonna lie - I'm really excited for presents :) My favorite!

I mentioned a while ago that I was switching from a vegan to a vegetarian diet - well, I think I'm switching back again. This time, however, I'm planning on sticking with just dairy free. It's the dairy that I know is truly bad for our health, and it's the dairy that makes me feel heavy, gross, and weighed down. So I'll be avoiding dairy and eating things with gelatin (like fruit snacks, gummies, and marshmallows). I'll also probably eat some honey.

Why? Well, I kind of went on a crazy cheese  rampage for a while - I ate a lot of Skyline (a Cincinnati chili place - i got their veg chili) with their amazing cheese, pastas with cheese, pizza...whatever. I love cheese! Which makes me really sad. Daiya is good, but not as good as the real deal. However, every time I eat cheese or heavy dairy I feel the consequences later that day or the next - heavy, sick, gross...I even through up once from eating a friend's cupcake. Thus, I have decided to once again ban dairy from my diet, since I believe that is the cause of my ailments. And it's bad for you, anyways.

What do you all plan on doing this Christmas? 
Much love,


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