Product Review: Go Max Go Candy Bars

One thing you should already know about me: I LOVE CHOCOLATE.

It is my most favorite thing in the whole wide world. In fact, for Christmas, I got loads of chocolate bars and chocolaty goodness! So naturally, when Go Max Go agreed to send me some of their chocolate bars to review, I was very excited.

Go Max Go Foods in a vegan owned and operated company out of Dallas, Texas. The company is named after their dog Max, who is now deceased. Aw! Precious!

Note: All photos from the company's website, Go Max Go Foods.

First up: Snap!

This bar is modeled after the Nestle Crunch Bar. It definitely tasted like it! Very creamy chocolate with delicious, crunchy rice crisps. This used to be one of my favorite chocolate bars as a kid. This is a great vegan replication of it! 

Second: Buccaneer

This bar reminded me of a more more caramel-like 3 Musketeers Bar. Soft, chewy nougat covered in creamy rice-milk chocolate. Delicious. A very simple yet delicious bar. 

Third: Jokerz

This bar was similar to a Snickers Bar. Filled with a fluffy nougat, peanuts, and smooth caramel, this bar was delicious. The peanut flavor was strong and also reminded me of a Babe Ruth or Pay Day because of the intensity of the peanuts. This is possibly because the nougat is a peanut nougat as well! Great for any nut lover! 

Fourth: Twilight

I can't help but think of sappy, romantic, and somewhat creepy vampires when I hear the name Twilight. But this bar is DEFINITELY not pale in flavor! (HA! Like my joke!......I know....it was a bad joke...) This bar featured a delicious chocolaty nougat, topped with creamy caramel, and covered in more rice-milk chocolate. This bar resembled a Milky Way, but had a stronger caramel flavor. If I had to pick a favorite bar, I believe this would be it! 

Fifth: Mahalo

I imagined this bar being my favorite, because I absolutely ADORE Mounds Bars, and this bar resembles the similar Almond Joy. However, it wasn't! This bar is chock full of nutty coconut, topped with almonds, and covered in rice-milk chocolate. However, the coconut flavor in this bar was MUCH stronger than in an Almond Joy, and much less sweet. I think that is why this bar threw me off. Still delicious in every way and perfect for any coconut lover. 

Sixth: Cleo's Peanut Butter Cups

Go Max Go also recently came out with peanut butter cups! I was extra excited about this because vegan peanut butter cups can be difficult to find (unless you get the NEW Jason's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups! They are great!). These tasted identical to Reese's PB Cups, with the strong peanut flavor and lots of milk chocolate. The filling in these are more smooth and have a bit less, but it packs lots of flavor. These were my favorite of everything I was sent to review! 

Overall, I love this company. They make great vegan substitutes to popular candy bars! I highly recommend trying them! 

The Daisy Rating
4.5/5 daisies

What's your favorite vegan candy bar? 
Much love, 


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