Product Review: Honest CocoaNova

I love chocolate!

A month or two ago, my local Whole Foods had a spokesperson from Honest Tea handing out samples of their newest product: Honest CocoaNova. I had never heard of this product before, and I was really intrigued.

I found out that it was a low calorie chocolate drink made by brewing cacao beans like coffee (remember my Choffy review? Similar!). It is sweetened with organic cane sugar and contains only 50 calories per bottle, which is awesome! Plus, these drinks contain theobromine (for more info, see the Choffy review mentioned earlier) and ton of antioxidants - great! Also, no GMOs, organic, and they are fair trade certified.

Unfortunately, my Whole Foods didn't have this product on the shelves yet - so I immediately contacted Honest, and they sent me one bottle of each flavor to try for myself! What great people :)

I tried the Cherry Cacao at Whole Foods, and I loved it - it was like drinking cherry cordial ice cream.  Or like watered-down, cherry flavored hot chocolate. I prefer to think of it as the first option. It's sweet, fruity and chocolaty all at the same time. Real cherry juice is used for flavor!

Next I tried the Mocha Cacao - this definitely had a strong coffee flavor. Tasted like drinking a watered-down Cafe Mocha. Pretty good. This one, however, would be my least favorite of the three....but only because I'm not a big coffee fan. I like my coffee like Starbucks makes it - overly sweet with tons of sugary crap! Ha. but still good and any coffee lover will enjoy this.

Finally I tried the Mint Cacao. This was my second favorite. It was kinda like drinking chocolate mint ice cream or munching on a peppermint patty. As wish the others, this one was a little watery as well, but still tasty.

Overall, my main complaint about these drinks is that they are a little watery. I can't tell if that's just because that's  how chocolate is when it's brewed, or if more chocolate needs to be added to strengthen the chocolate to water ratio, my own strange opinion, or what. But that's really my only complaint. It's not like this makes or breaks the drinks for me. I still think it's a great product - and super smart, if you don't want to buy, roast, and brew your own chocolate. Now that I think of it, they taste kinda like chocolate tea! So if you like tea and chocolate, you would totally love these drinks.

The Daisy Rating
4/5 daisies

Much love,


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