Product Review: Soy Curls

Vegans and vegetarians alike are always looking for great new meat substitutes to try out. I'd hear a lot about the wonders of Soy Curls during Vegan Mofo, and I really wanted to try them out for myself. When Dan from Butler Foods offered to send me some to try, I was really excited! 

Little did I expect a box of six bags of soy curls and a HUGE bottle of their Chik-Style Seasoning to be coming my way! 

To quote Butler Foods, "soy curls are a delicious product made from the whole soy-bean, 100% natural, noo additives or preservatives, just the goodness of the whole bean." This is true; the ONLY ingredient in soy curls are soybeans! Soy curls are also high in fiber and omega 3, have no cholesterol, and contain all of the essential amino acids. 

They are also Non-GMO, which many of you will be happy to know!

Although I haven't yet tried any of the recipes that were sent to me with the soy curls, likes sweet & sour soy curls or curried rice, I did get to make a nice BBQ sandwich!

To begin, I soaked my soy curls in warm water for 10 minutes ad then drained them. 

Next, I split my soy curls into two portions and put them in separate Ziploc bags. In one, I sprinkled the Chik-Style Seasoning, and in the other, I poured some Annie's BBQ sauce. I let them marinate for a few hours. 

Then,  I cooked them in a skillet until warmed, maybe 5-8 minutes. 

I put the BBQ soy curls on come ciabatta bread with Earth Balance MindfulMayo and pickles. 

The verdict?

Overall, pretty good. They remind me a lot of the seitan that you buy pre-made in stores, which I'm not a huge fan of. It is definitely good and good for you, but I don't think it would be my first choice of meat substitute (mine would be tofu or tempeh).  

Still, the soy curls were chewy and a good chicken replacement. The seasoning did indeed make the soy curls taste kinda like chicken. It's a good seasoning mix that could be sprinkled on other things as well! I'm looking forward to trying some other recipes using this product. 

The Daisy Rating
3/5 daisies

Have you had Soy Curls before? What do you think of them?
Much love, 


  1. I absolutely love them. I realized that they're not for everyone when hanging out with friends who didn't like them. I was SHOCKED. Shocked I tell ya.

  2. I have not tried Soy curls yet, but I did order a six-package box of them about a week ago and have been anxiously awaiting their arrival! I am in Alberta, Canada though so I may be waiting a while! I have heard mostly good things so I am pretty excited.

  3. is it kinda like tvp?

  4. you know, I've never had TVP, so I'm not entirely sure. Although it looks kinda like it before you soak it.

  5. I haven't had a chance to try these yet either, but I'm hoping to find them sometime soon. Have you see the Macnocheeto recipe on JL Goes Vegan using soy curls? That's what I would make with those! :)

  6. I love to make soy curl tacos. I sprinkle them with taco seasoning and saute them, yum!

    1. I soak them in whatever flavor and water together...then just fry them in a little olive oil to make them crispy...my family can't even tell they are not hamburger!

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