WIAW #13: Finals, Finals, Finals

I've been behind on my WIAWing recently - I've been in a tizzy with school! And, as usual, forgetting to take pictures! So this week, I'll show you what I've been eating while studying for my final exams... yikes! Enjoy! 

Currito Burrito




And a good amount of cheese. Ever since going vegetarian instead of vegan, I've felt a lot more weighed down and heavy. I've noticed it in my body. I wish I felt better when I eat dairy - but I really just feel gross. So, I think I'm headed back to the dairy free direction. Although this time around, I'll just be dairy free - I'm okay still with hard boiled eggs and things using gelatin, like marshmallows and fruit snacks and gummi bears (my favorite). I threw away the last of my cheese today. Back to the dairy free world I go!

Much love,


  1. WOW. Love everything you ate. I'm drooling. I wanna taste that currito burrito! You should post some recipes. Hehe. They all look so good! :)

    Babe For Food - your new BFF in Cebu dining!

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