The 30 Day Shred

First of all, I just want to thank everyone for their kind comments on my most recent WIAW and giveaway post! Thank you! I love reading everyone's comments! I'm glad everyone seems to like all the updates to PD's layout.. I love the yellow background and the new colors!

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I've been busy this week with my Residence Life staff, getting ready for the residents to come back, and they have been feeding us like CRAZY. This always happens during training! They seriously love to give us food, which is great, but I eat a lot more than I normally would. Ravioli, Noodles & Co, Moe's Burritos, Pizza.... lots of delicious by unhealthy food. Not to mention free game time at Gameworks and $30 to "spend on food" over the weekend (although I'm simply saving mine!). Crazy! Since I have some free time today, I woke up early to try out a new workout and get back into a healthy eating/work out routine.

Which brings me to my next topic. I want to start blogging about something new: FITNESS. This is something I have wanted to start blogging about for a while, but since my exercise schedule is very... well, varied and random, I don't have a lot that I stick to and therefore not a lot to blog about! But one of my newest goals is to become a FitFluential Ambassador, and to do so, I figured I would need some experience blogging about fitness! So here we go!

Today I started Day 1 of Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred.

Even though I've heard about Jillian Michaels, I wasn't expecting her workout to be too challenging. Boy was I wrong.

Although I only did Level 1 (she has 3 levels), it was challenging and I had to take more breaks than I like. The cardio was a breeze for me, but the abs and strength workouts are what got me. Although it was a short 20 minute workout compared to what I'm used to when I go to the gym (a hour plus!), I was sweating and I felt good. Apparently if your stomach is cold after a workout, you've been burning fat. And my tummy was cold!
Me after my first 30 Day Shred workout!
The DVD cover promises you can lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days, so I'm hoping it will be true to its word!

After my workout, I took a shower and grabbed a snack: a grapefruit and some GoodBelly juice. Res. Life is feeding us dinner again tonight, so I need to eat light and healthy because I'm sure dinner will be something unhealthy!

Have a lovely day, everyone!
Much love,


  1. Linz @ ItzLinz1/7/12, 3:01 PM

    Jillian Michaels is no joke!! Some women at my work do her DVD so I've joined in a few times! Great quick workout!

  2. I love her 30 Day Shred! I've done it a few times, and I'm now circling my way through again. I'm on Day 7 of level 1. The thing that I like about that DVD is that you really see your progress and endurance build in a short period of time. After you're done, I highly recommend her next two DVD's - No More Trouble Zones and Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism. Keep us posted on your progress!