Product Review: Attune Foods (Uncle Sam Cereal)

I recently chimed in for a Twitter chat with the great people of Attune Foods! I accidentally stumbled upon this chat, just happening to be online between finals with a little time to kill, and the hashtag for the chat popped up on my screen! I though, why not, I'll join in!

The chat was great! Even better, after the chat I was contacted by Annelies from Attune Foods, asking if I would like to do a review of their products. Well, of course I would!

I was sent three boxes of Uncle Sam cereal for review: Original, Strawberry, and Honey Almond. Strawberry and Honey Almond are their two new flavors.

First, right off the bat, I LOVE that there are coupons inside some of the cereal boxes! Inside my boxes of Original and Strawberry I found coupons for free Attune Probiotic Chocolate Bars! Those bars are DELICIOUS, so I was really excited about the coupons!

Attune Foods believes that overall health starts with digestive health, and their Uncle Sam cereals definitely promote digestive health with their high-fiber content. They believe in simple ingredients that make you feel your best - again, something Uncle Sam cereal definitely promotes with its minimal ingredients!
The Original flavor was pretty good. It has a deep nutty flavor, tons of vitamins, and is not too sweet. It only contains 1g of sugar per 3/4 c, and is 190 calories! A serving also contains 7g of protein and 10g of fiber! Holy cow! This is a great cereal if you just want something really simple and good for you, since it is made from flax seeds and wheat berries.
Strawberry was even better. It was slightly sweeter and features LARGE pieces of freeze dried strawberries - yummy! Good strawberry flavor, and again, this cereal has a lot of fiber, protein, and nutritional benefits. This cereal features wheat berry flakes instead of kernels, like the Original has.
Finally: Honey Almond. Seeing as I have started eating honey and eggs again, I was excited to dive in to, really, my first honey-containing product since going vegan. This was my favorite of the three cereals. It features TONS of almonds and is slightly sweet, still sweeter than the Strawberry flavor. You can clearly taste the honey and the almond in the cereal. Although this cereal features the least amount of fiber and protein, at 6g each, it still contains a lot of great nutrients.

Overall, I think this is pretty good cereal. I'm a sucker for sugar, so I'm used to sweet cereals that don't fill you up, but these are great and keep you full. They would be great on yogurt or just as a snack!

The Daisy Rating

4/5 daisies

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