Product Review: Stirs the Soul Chocolate

A girl always loves her chocolate, right? I know I do!

A couple weeks ago, I received a package in the mail from Stirs the Soul, a raw chocolate company who uses sustainably grown, fairly traded, and dairy free chocolate to make their products. After trying Fearless Chocolate a while back, I was excited to give this raw chocolate a try!

Upon opening my package, I found a huge amount of goodies! Hemp cups, raw, dehydrated, and chocolate covered bananas, figs, and currants, and five different raw chocolate bars. What a selection! The chocolate bars included: Cayenne Cinnamon, Maca, Lavender, Honey Rose, & Spiced Chai and Currant. All of them sounded intriguing and were very unique in the their flavors. They were also very different from each other!

First up: Hemp Cups. I was expecting these to be a creamy butter made from hemp seeds, similar to peanut or almond butter. However, it was nothing at all like that! The filling wasn't very creamy at all, and I found it to be rather bitter and in need of more sweetener. I've never had hemp seeds before, so I don't have anything to compare this too, but I wasn't a fan. Overall, these needed a lot more sweetener!

Next: the chocolate covered, dehydrated fruit. This was by far my favorite thing that I sent sent. Super yummy! The fruit flavor was extremely strong in all of them, which was fabulous. The chocolate was sweetened with dates, which I had never heard of before! It tasted good though! Not quite as smooth as their honey, agave, or coconut palm sugar sweetened chocolates, but still good. The currants were my favorite! I don't think I've ever had currants before, but after this experience, I love them. They taste very similar to raisins. Bananas and figs were great as well!

Finally, we have the chocolate bars. My personal favorite was the Maca Chocolate - it was the sweetest of them all, light in flavor, and also the smoothest. It was the only bar sweetened with Coconut Palm Sugar. Next, I liked the Spiced Chai & Currant Chocolate. Strong chai flavors and full of yummy currants! The Cayenne Cinnamon Chocolate was my 3rd favorite - it definitely has a kick from the cayenne! My least favorite were the floral chocolates - Honey Rose and Lavender. Maybe it's a personal preference, but I can never get myself to enjoy eating either of them. They tasted too flowery and had a lack of sweetener. The lavender, which was sweetened with agave, produced the smoothest chocolate as far as consistency goes.

Overall, I wasn't a huge of fan of these products. I loved the chocolate covered raw fruit - they are deleicious, and the maca chocolate was pretty good. Would I buy them from the store? No, probably not. If you're used to extremely strong dark chocolates and don't have a huge sweet tooth, then I think you'll really like these!

The Daisy Rating

3/5 daisies

Disclaimer: All opinions stated are my own and no one else's. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. 

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  1. I can't believe I haven't heard about these chocolates! My sisters and I are on the look out, thanks for sharing. They all look amazing!

  2. I'm all about dark chocolate yum!

  3. For sugar-deprived folks like myself (my body doesn't tolerate foods with much sweetener), I find the hemp cups to be delicious and sufficiently sweet -- my favorite thing by Stirs the Soul. Just wanted to add this perspective. Glad to see Stirs the Soul getting some write ups. Way too much of my weekly paycheck is going to this company. :)