Welcome to the new site!

Hey friends! Have you noticed that PD is looking a little lot different lately? I spent many hours on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday redesigning the entire site! Here's a little look at what's new:

{background} Clearly, it's white with bright yellow flowers! Isn't it adorable? I knew I wanted a background that involved both yellow and flowers, so when I found a bunch of paintbrushes for Photoshop, I knew I had to use them.

{welcome graphic} Again, I used one of those flower Photoshop brushes I recently installed and changed my sites tag-line. Cute, right? Welcome to the new color scheme: yellow, pink, and gray!

{social media buttons} I have long wanted these but I never wanted to take the time to make them! After reading this wonderful tutorial from Sweet Verbena on the creation of social media buttons and other fun blog things, I got right down to it. Aren't the flowers super cute? Clearly, I love flowers....maybe that's part of the reason I chose the name Passing Daisies, huh? :) Aside from site navigation stuff, the buttons include: email, subscribe via RSS, facebook, twitter, pinterest, and wellsphere.

{favorite recipes buttons} Scroll down and look in the right hand column, and you'll find some circular pictures of favorite recipes that I've posted. There were so many I wanted to make buttons for, it was difficult to choose! Let me know what you think!

{blogroll} I finally came up with a list of some favorite blogs and linked up to them! Maybe some of your favorite or even your very own site made the cut. Psst...wanna link back?! :)

I think that's all for the updates! It's a lot, that's for sure! Do you like it? I think it looks more professional.

In other news, I successfully completed week 1 of my Couch-to-5k workout. Hooray! I get to amp up the intensity next week, only by a little bit, so I hope I'm able to follow through. I always feel so great after running. And I've been extra exhausted recently - whether or not it's from running, I'm not sure. It could be that my late nights are finally getting to me. Maybe I'll go to bed a bit early tonight?

Much love,


  1. I love it - your blog looks awesome!! I'm so impressed with how much you did yourself, I'm going to have to check out the tutorial you mentioned!

    I'm working with a friend of mine on some updates to my site too, but it's going to take some time to make all the changes I'm planning. Some big things coming in the next month or so. :)

    1. thank you! it really is a great tutorial!
      I can't wait to see all your lovely updates! :)

  2. Great job!! Looks just what it seems like you like.

  3. I think it looks fantastic!

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