WIAW #21: Fruits & Veggies

Welcome to the last WIAW of February! I actually have been eating more veggies this week, thanks to my lack of sugar and fattening foods. It has been a real challenge to avoid sweeteners of any kind - so I'm think I'm going to give up all refined sugars instead of all sugar. Jenn - you will be excited  about my abundance of fruit and veggies this week! 

{breakfasts} bananas with raw pecan butter, Chobani, TJ's shredded wheat cereal with Cho and blueberries {post-workout snack} almonds {lunch} large salad with hummus, grapes, and marinated veggies {dinner} TJ's Vegetable Panang Curry

 Crappy phone picture of my roasted carrots with garlic, EVOO and lemon juice (and Parma)

{not pictured} Barbara's fruit-juice sweetened bars, garlic hummus, crackers, cinnamon applesauce, Mediterranean pita with veggie burger and tzatziki 

I'm pumped that for March our WIAW posts will be themed green! Hopefully I will remember this and will be able to eat as much green as possible! I won't be here next week though, since I will be in Virginia for a week working for animal rights and welfare :) There will be a brief post explaining this trip on Friday! 

So, I've been continuing my Couch to 5K challenge. I'm trying to pack two weeks into one this week, since I will not be able to work out much, if at all, next week while in Virginia. This week has been really hard for me, and I've had to take a couple brief breaks while running, but I have definitely been working hard and burning more calories than last week. It's the running for five minutes at a time that gets me, with less walking time in between intervals. I know five minutes doesn't sound like a long time, but it's been hard on my legs, and I'm not sure what to do to make them stronger. Any good calf stretches you could recommend? 

I've also been working hard on my abs and arms. I love reverse crunches! They actually make me feel like I'm working my abs. Plus, regular crunches just hurt my neck. I also just started working my triceps today - my biceps are looking good, and hopefully these chair dips I've been doing will tone up those lower arms! 

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

Much love, 


  1. chobani always makes breakfast a little brighter!! what is your fav. flavor? and that is pretty cool that you are headed to VA! What part? I live pretty close to Northern Va and might be able to suggest a few good restaurants if you are interested!

    1. Falls Church, VA - it's very small, there's only a little over 50 people in the town. I'll be working on a farm called Paris Barns. If you know anything near there, that'd be great!


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