Product Review: The Bearded Brothers

I was recently sent two raw energy bars from The Bearded Brothers (Chris and Caleb) to review. 

A little about the company from their website:
Bearded Brothers is an organic snackfood company, located in beautiful Austin Texas. Most of our handmade energy bars are 100% organic, mostly raw, gluten free, vegan friendly and amazingly delicious. Just try them, we guarantee you will be back for more.

They even sent me stickers. See how nice it looks on my laptop?

Also, thanks to the brothers for being patient with me. It's been a rough week and I haven't had much time to blog, so this review is long overdue! 

First up: Bodacious Blueberry Vanilla.

This bar was by far my favorite. It tasted like a delicious blueberry muffin! One thing that I thought was really nifty about this was the use of raw vanilla protein powder as an ingredient. Very cool! You can also see the chunks of blueberry in the bar. This is a winner for me. 

Next: Mighty Maca Chocolate. 

I'm always a little nervous about trying bars with raw chocolate - sometimes they are great, and other times they taste like perfume. Or roses. Luckily, this bar had a good flavor to it! Both the chocolate and the maca are strong flavors and very present in the bar. Much like the blueberry bar, this was chewy and delicious. 

Both bars resembled Larabars in look and texture, although The Bearded Brothers bars were much bigger. The only downside to these bars was the calorie count - 288 calories per bar. Since they are quite large, however, it's easy to save half for later and therefore save half of the calories for later! 

I loved the product packaging. They are recycled and have the awesome logo on the front. Plus, the bags are resealable - perfect for if you don't eat all of yours at once and want to save some for later (like me!).

Want to try some of these bars? Lucky for you, The Bearded Brothers is giving all Passing Daisies readers a   15% discount when you order online and enter the code daisybeard at checkout. All shipping is a flat rate of $4.95, no matter how much you order! Awesome!

The Daisy Rating

3.5/5 daisies

I recommend trying these bars for yourself! And thanks to the brothers for allowing me to review their products!

Much love,


  1. I love finding about new yummy energy bars! They sound great, I love raw chocolate. I'll have to give them a try! :)


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