Product Review: Chobani Greek Yogurt

There is nothing quite like finding a big box of Chobani Greek Yogurt on your front porch.

I've never been a big fan of Greek yogurt. It's a little too thick for my taste, so I never buy it - even though I have only tried it a couple times. After returning to vegetarianism, I decided to give it another chance. After all, everyone in the healthy blogging world raves about this stuff. Why shouldn't I like it? 

Chobani was more than happy to send me their three new flavors to try: Apple Cinnamon, Passion Fruit, and Blood Orange.

Super high in protein (14g per cup!)
No fat
Fruit on the bottom
Creamy and thick - how Greek yogurt should be
Not too high in calories (Approx. 140 per cup)

Kinda watery when you open it - but once you stir it's perfectly fine

Blood Orange:
Not sure what I think about this. The taste threw me off; I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but it was a little weird. It grew on me after a while, though. The fruit on the bottom was mostly orange pulp. My mom liked this one more than I did.

Apple Cinnamon:
So good! This is my favorite...but I'm always partial to cinnamon. Large chunks of apple, tons of cinnamon flavor, super creamy... this is really delicious.

Passion Fruit:
Not gonna lie, I was really nervous to try this. My mom was not a fan because of the crunchy passion fruit seeds, and she compared it to bedbugs (weird comparison...), so I wasn't sure what to expect. I actually really liked the flavor, and this was my second favorite of the three flavors. It was tropical and unique, although I also was not a fan of the seeds. I tried to avoid them, but there were too many to do that, so I just started swallowing them whole instead of crunching them. This is delicious but would benefit greatly from getting rid of the seeds! 

Overall this was a pretty good Greek yogurt experience! I would like to try some of their other older flavors and see how they are. I'm still not the biggest Greek yogurt fan (it's a consistency thing, I think) but I definitely like it and would purchase this product again. Anyone who loves Greek yogurt will love chowing down on some Cho! 

The Daisy Rating

4/5 daisies

How do you like to eat your Cho? 
Much love,


  1. i looooove cho either plain, with fiber cereal (or any cereal) mixed in, or with barley... random but it works! :)

  2. Hey, Rachael! Thanks again for giving our new flavors a whirl-- happy to hear the Apple Cinnamon is totally rocking your taste buds. Our new Passion Fruit flavor wouldn't be authentic without the seeds, which is why they're included in there, but of course we always value your feedback. Happy spooning!

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