Product Review: Chobani Greek Yogurt

There is nothing quite like finding a big box of Chobani Greek Yogurt on your front porch.

I've never been a big fan of Greek yogurt. It's a little too thick for my taste, so I never buy it - even though I have only tried it a couple times. After returning to vegetarianism, I decided to give it another chance. After all, everyone in the healthy blogging world raves about this stuff. Why shouldn't I like it? 

Chobani was more than happy to send me their three new flavors to try: Apple Cinnamon, Passion Fruit, and Blood Orange.

Super high in protein (14g per cup!)
No fat
Fruit on the bottom
Creamy and thick - how Greek yogurt should be
Not too high in calories (Approx. 140 per cup)

Kinda watery when you open it - but once you stir it's perfectly fine

Blood Orange:
Not sure what I think about this. The taste threw me off; I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but it was a little weird. It grew on me after a while, though. The fruit on the bottom was mostly orange pulp. My mom liked this one more than I did.

Apple Cinnamon:
So good! This is my favorite...but I'm always partial to cinnamon. Large chunks of apple, tons of cinnamon flavor, super creamy... this is really delicious.

Passion Fruit:
Not gonna lie, I was really nervous to try this. My mom was not a fan because of the crunchy passion fruit seeds, and she compared it to bedbugs (weird comparison...), so I wasn't sure what to expect. I actually really liked the flavor, and this was my second favorite of the three flavors. It was tropical and unique, although I also was not a fan of the seeds. I tried to avoid them, but there were too many to do that, so I just started swallowing them whole instead of crunching them. This is delicious but would benefit greatly from getting rid of the seeds! 

Overall this was a pretty good Greek yogurt experience! I would like to try some of their other older flavors and see how they are. I'm still not the biggest Greek yogurt fan (it's a consistency thing, I think) but I definitely like it and would purchase this product again. Anyone who loves Greek yogurt will love chowing down on some Cho! 

The Daisy Rating

4/5 daisies

How do you like to eat your Cho? 
Much love,