Product Review: Skinny Water

The wonderful people from Skinny Water were more than enthused to send me bottles of their product to review. This product has quite the reputation, being featured in magazines like Women's Health, Glamour, & Every Day with Rachael Ray. There are also many celebs who are a fan of this drink, including Fergie, Halle Berry, & Ozzy Osbourne (never would've guessed!).

Skinny Water features a wide variety of flavors, including even more than the six I was able to sample. Each bottle contains no sugar, calories, sodium, carbs, or guilt - how much better can it get? I love finding zero calorie drinks that taste good and have no crazy sugar substitute after taste. Gross.

On to the review!

Skinny Sport Waters
Blue Raspberry contains electrolytes and B vitamins
I like this because it does not taste like artificial sweeteners. A lot of times I will get sports drinks or other sugar free drinks like FUZE and be disappointed by the weird aftertaste left by zero calorie sweeteners. Not here! This flavor was great and definitely had a hint of blue raspberry. Not strongly flavored like a Jolly Rancher, but delicious nonetheless.

Pink Berry Citrus contains electrolytes and antioxidants
I really liked this because it reminded me of pink lemonade. The citrus flavor was delicious, with lemon being the strongest flavor, which is another reason why this made me think of lemonade. Very yummy. I highly recommend this flavor.

Goji Black Cherry contains potassium, calcium, and magnesium
This flavor is also very good, and the cherry is not too overpowering. Definitely a good choice for a drink! I feel good knowing I can drink something with flavor for zero calories that can also help refuel me after/during a workout.

Crave Control
Raspberry Pomegranate contains calcium and  postassium
This was my second favorite flavor. I love anything raspberry or pomegranate flavored, so naturally, I loved this drink. It was very refreshing, much like most of the other flavors of Skinny Water I sampled. Both of the fruits could be tasted in each sip of this drink.

Acai Grape Blueberry contains guarana and B-vitamins
This was one of the two flavors I couldn't finish drinking. I'm not a grape flavoring person. Although this drink definitely has a strong grape and blueberry flavor, which is perfect for any lover of those flavors, I just couldn't do it. Again, it's a personal preference. If you like grape, you'll love this drink. Try it for yourself.

Wake Up
Orange Cranberry Tangerine contains 120% Vitamin C
Finally, the drink I thought I would like a lot more than I did. This was my least favorite flavor; it was very overpowering, and I think it was the tangerine flavor that made me hesitate. It just had an odd flavor to me. Not a fan of this one; I couldn't take more than two sips out of the bottle before I had to call it quits.

Favorites, in order
Pink Berry Citrus
Raspberry Pomegranate
Goji Black Cherry
Blue Raspberry
Acai Grape Blueberry
Orange Cranberry Tangerine

Overall, I would call this product a great success. I loved most of the flavors, and I would definitely buy them if I can find them in my local grocery store. They give me a great alternative to all the water I usually drink...I hate spending my calories on sugary sodas! These are perfect and I highly recommend trying them!

The Daisy Rating

4/5 daisies

What is your favorite zero calorie drink?
Much love,