Tips for Staying Motivated

Hey everyone!

So you may know I have been struggling with motivation for running recently - and I want to share some tips to make your trip to the gym much easier. I use these a lot!

1. Think of the end result.
Whenever you are feeling lousy and don't want to pick up those weights, picture yourself with super toned arms. The end result will help keep you motivated to work hard towards that goal.

2. Make a goal.
My goal is to run a 5k from start to finish, regardless of my time. I also have a goal to have toned arms. Setting a goal for yourself helps keep you motivated because you can see how you are progressing towards it!

3. Challenge yourself.
Think you're not capable of running a 5K? Trust me, you are! It requires a lot of work - so push yourself. Add more weight to routines, add more repetitions, run longer - whatever it may be, really push yourself to work your hardest at each and every workout.

4. Plan something that gives you a reason to continue.
This is similar to a goal, but this is not your end result. I'm not even halfway through my 5K training yet, but I have scheduled a few 5Ks after my plan is supposed to end so that I have a reason to continue with my plan. Without that scheduled 5K, which costs money to sign up for (motivation!), I would be more likely to give up and quit while I'm ahead.

5. Check your progress to keep you on track.
This doesn't have to be weighing yourself to see if you've lost weight. Keep track of the weights you are lifting and notice when you can up the weight amount. Notice how much longer you can hold your plank after you've been doing it consistently. Pay attention to how your clothes fit you. Little things like this can help tell you if you are making progress or not without paying much attention to the scale.

6. Partner up with someone to check your progress.
It helps if someone can hold you accountable. When you have a friend who keeps asking you how your workout is going, you will feel guilty telling that person you haven't worked out in weeks and will therefore be more inclined to keep working towards your fitness goal.

7. Share your fitness goals with others.
Who doesn't like talking about themselves and how awesome their workouts are going? It's exciting to share updates, so do it! Even if it's just online through Twitter or blogging - there is a great community online who are excited to cheer you on.

8. Don't force yourself.
No one works out well on no sleep. If you are sleep deprived, injured, or simply having a terrible day, don't force yourself. You won't be happy if you have to make yourself go to the gym.

9. Picture yourself achieving your goal.
I do this all the time! While I run, I picture myself running and completing whatever amount I plan to run that day. Same with larger goals; if your goal is a half-marathon, picture yourself crossing that finish line. This is definitely motivation!

10. Reward yourself when you achieve your goal.
Buy yourself a new running outfit or something you have been wanting - you deserve it! Just don't reward yourself with junk food; you'll negate all those amazing calories you just burned!

I hope these tips will help you all the next time you work out - they definitely help me!

Much love,