WIAW #22: Bus Boys & Poets

Hello friends! I'm so sad I missed the WIAW party last week - but I was having a blast in Paris, VA & Washington DC with some school friends doing service on a farm! More about that later - I'm planning multiple posts describing my adventures - but for now, I'll be highlighting my favorite eats from the trip! And near the end I'll announce the winners of my EcoTrek Fitness Bars giveaway!

While in DC, we stumbled across this cute little restaurant/fair trade shop called Bus Boys & Poets, named after the great Langston Hughes. They had a lot of great vegan treats, as well as a variety of other goodies. I was madly in love with this place as soon as we walked inside!

Doesn't it look great? Those are pictures of the inside and the fair trade shop, as well as the menu. There are four of these restaurants all around DC - it had to be good if there were that many!

Clearly, not all these delicious items were mine...although I did eat or taste most of them! 

{clockwise} avocado panini, falafel pita, sesame kale, thin mint latte, vegan brownie & vanilla ice cream, tempeh panini, white chocolate banana bread pudding & coconut ice cream.

The tempeh panini was so good. It has vegan mayo (which was the best vegan mayo I've had, by the way), grilled onions & peppers, and lettuce. The bread pudding was also super delicious and different from any bread pudding I've had before. And the coconut ice cream? It tasted like the inside of an Almond Joy. Pure toasted coconut deliciousness. Loved it! 

I highly recommend checking this place out if you are ever in the DC area. It's worth a trip! I hope I get to go back someday!

And finally....the winners of the EcoTrek Fitness Bars giveaway are: Christopher Sorel, Billiejean, Linz @ Itz Linz, & Moonsword!

Please EMAIL ME within 48 hours with your contact info to claim your prize! Congrats to everyone!

Where is the best place you've eaten while traveling? 
Much love, 


  1. Wow, the food there looks amazing...especially that dessert!

  2. Yay!! Thanks, girl!! Do you have any tempeh recipes? I bought the plain version once and didn't know how to cook it so it didn't come out that great. That coconut ice cream SOUNDS amazing! I have been on a total shredded coconut kick lately!

    1. you know, i havent used it very much, but it is something i DEFINITELY want to eat more of. I'll work on it and get back to you about those recipes!

  3. That vegan brownie with vanilla ice cream looks delish! Perfect dessert :)

    Congrats to the winners!

  4. Hi Rachael! Thank you! I just sent an email to you :)

    As for the best place that I have eaten while traveling... Non-existant, I don't get out much annnd I don't live anywhere near any great foodie places :( oh well, some day!