WIAW #24: An Unhealthy Week

Hi loves! It's another week of everybody's favorite, WIAW! 

This week was a bit of an unhealthy week for me. And also a lack of exercise week. 

I went home this weekend, where I had some baking I needed to do. I had food I needed to use before it spoiled, extra cookies, I wasn't sure what to do with, Daring Baker's recipes to make, and more. So, of course, there were a lot of sweets around. 

With leftover cookies, I made a gingersnap crust for my Blueberry Key Lime Pie (recipe posted eventually!). For DB, I made Dutch Crunch Brown Rice Bread. I also made apple caramel cake (a box mix from Duncan Hines), and some other things I can't really remember. 

Then, I went to see The Hunger Games with my parents. Fabulous movie. Right next door there is pizza and frozen yogurt, so....that's what we had for dinner and dessert! A mixed mushroom pizza with roasted garlic cloves and red peppers & greek salad with roasted red pepper dressing from Dewey's Pizza, and a mix of flavors from Orange Leaf fro-yo! It was de-lish. 

As you'll see from the picture, I had Stonyfield's key lime yogurt. I had high expectations, and this yogurt missed the mark completely. I only ate half because the lime flavor was not as strong as it should have been. Still looking for that perfect key lime yogurt! Any suggestions? 

Also pictured: Love Grown granola with kiwi and blueberries, GNU Blueberry Cobbler Bar, Cookiehead's sprouted grain mini brownies (my new favorite brownie - review coming soon!) & cranberry orange mini muffins. 

I'm also kicking myself in the butt this week about my workout routine. I didn't run on Friday because I went home for the weekend around 10:30AM, which is when I usually run. I didn't get a chance to run over the weekend, either. Then Monday rolls around, and I'm up until 4AM the night before working on a class presentation, so I take a nap instead of running. 

All in all, a rough week for me. Not to mention the homework load I have approaching me. Just staying on top of it all is a bit daunting. Hopefully, I'll be back on track tomorrow - although behind in my schedule. Yet again. Oh well. My first 5k is not scheduled until April 28, so I should be okay. I do notice that whenever I miss a week of exercising, I'm a lot more self-conscious about my weight. Even though I haven't been losing weight from running, and in fact may have gained a couple pounds from eating more than normal, I feel fine as long as I workout. But since I've been doing literally nothing - I feel more self-conscious, which really stinks! Ah, well. I just need to get comfortable with my weight again. The funny thing is, a few years ago when I weighed my heaviest, my self-esteem was much higher and I cared a lot less about how I looked. Weird how that works out, isn't it? 

The Recipe Project

Okay, guys - I want to encourage to everyone to please sign up to participate in my new program - The Recipe Project! I am really excited about it and am trying to get together some participants for this month! Please click here to learn more about it! I would really appreciate it!

Finally, I once again apologize for my lack of blogging recently. I'm going to try to get back to blogging more frequently - make sure to keep checkin' back, because I have a lot of giveaways coming up soon from some great companies!

One more week of school, and then it's Easter break! I'm so excited for Easter! YAY!!!

Much love, 


  1. Too bad the lime flavor didn't meet the mark. I love key lime. That would have been good. And the brownie bites look yum!

  2. No need to worry about a bad week. We have those as humans and it is important to think about it in a long term scheme of things. You'll always have time to iron thing out :)
    It all doesn't actually sound so bad though. Mushroom pizza? froyo? with the exception of the baking, which normal people do :)
    The stonyfield yogurt used to be so good, perhaps they've changed the recipe since i've been out of the states. Try whole soy's key lime. It has little bits of lime zest in for an extra tang- my personal favourite with none of the artificial after tastes.

    1. usually i like Stonyfield, so I was a little disappointed the flavor wasn't as strong as it could have been! I love whole soy's key lime - it's just not sold in my area :(

  3. What could be better than pizza and frozen yogurt after the Hunger Games?!? Can't wait to see that!

  4. Sounds good - no reason for apologies! Hunger Games was amaaazing, I have froyo way too often but it's so worth it, and all the fruit and granola! Yumyum!

    1. Hunger Games and froyo is a great combination!

  5. I love Deweys!! We tried Orange Leaf last weekend for the first time and the peanut butter is amazing!

    Can't wait to see Hunger Games!

    1. their pineapple flavor is really good!

  6. It's ok that you had a bad day of eats...you recognized it and you can move on.

    It is hard to care less about how you look, but know that people love you no matter what and you have a wonderful blog that is always fun to read (plus a super cool name)!

  7. Those mini brownies sound delish! :)
    Dont be sorry for not blogging as much. Sometimes life just gets so hectic.. so its totally fine! Looking forward to all your upcoming posts, though! :)

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