5Ks, Tone It Up, & Vega One

Howdy friends! 

Phew. I am ready to be done with school. 
(This is my way to procrastinate on studying for my last final tomorrow morning).

I'm ready to have no more finals, or papers, or late night studying. I'm ready to no longer have to be dealing with people's problems. I'm ready to have more time to blog. I'm ready to read books for leisure. I'm ready to get a Kindle Fire for my 21st birthday on June 4 (HECK YES!!!!!!!! Send me presents everybody!).

The funny this is, I'll probably be saying I'm ready to go back to school shortly! Haha. 

A few exciting new things. I recently joined Tone It Up and I am really excited about it! I hope to stick with this nutrition plan pretty closely over the summer to lose weight, get healthier, and reach my fitness/weight goals. This Monday I plan on starting the 7 Day Slim Down, which is a pretty strict healthy eating diet for 7 days that helps kickstart my transition into the Tone It Up plan. I figure this is a good time to start because next week will be my "break" week of doing nothing before starting my summer internship with Daelia's Biscuits for Cheese. I also recently ordered their new Beach Babe DVD and Perfect Fit Protein to try out. I'm really excited about both, and I highly recommend trying their new protein if you are looking for a good protein powder. It is raw, gluten free, organic and all natural, so everyone can eat it!

Speaking of protein powders, let me tell you a little about Vega One. I was recently sent some samples in the mail by Vega and was excited to try them!

All of them were pretty good, and of course, my favorite was chocolate. They all tasted like their flavors. See my chocolate shake I made with chocolate Vega One, chocolate almond milk, and a banana?

I enjoyed these protein powders for a few reasons. First, they are entirely plant based and contain no sugars. There is 15g of protein in each serving, 6g of fiber, 3 servings of greens, 1 billion probiotics, 1.5g of omega-3s, 2.7 cups of antioxidants. Holy cow! It was also formulated by Brendan Brazier, a vegan Ironman athlete and triathalon runner. Talk about being fit and healthy. 

There are 123-141 calories per serving and it is dairy, gluten, and soy free. I also really liked that these powders did not taste chalky or gross; they were actually quite flavorful and very filling. They provide a good boost of healthy energy. 

If you are looking for a good protein powder to try, I recommend trying Vega One! 

The Daisy Rating 
4/5 daisies

I also have some more good news to share. I officially got offered a fall internship with Cincinnati Magazine as their editorial intern! I'm really excited! I'm not quite sure how I will be getting downtown yet, but I am happy for this opportunity to see what the magazine world is like and how it operates.  

Another thing - wanna see a picture from my 5k last Saturday?

Myself and my dad
It went okay. I got painful stomach cramps about 1.5 miles into it (which I have been getting a lot and I'm not sure why), but even with having to come to a complete stop for a few minutes, I still came in under my expected time. And I even walked a good chunk of it! I would say that is pretty good. My mom won her age group, too (for "running" - she was disqualified as a walker because she jogged part), and my dad was the first walker to finish the 5k. I came in 3rd out of 10 in my age group, 41st out of women, and 74th overall. My time was 39 minutes and some odd seconds, which I was fine with. Overall, a success.

Another random side note - check out this video from Everyday Health, who just recently started a YouTube channel. Jillian Michaels is a regular contributor, and this is one of her videos talking about burning calories and ways to workout without a gym. Click to see the video!

Alright. Time to stop procrastinating and actually start studying. Wish me luck!

Much love,


  1. I just purchased their diet plan, too! Let me know how the protein powder tastes. I probably won't be starting mine until next week since I'll be at Blend this week, but I hope it works.

    1. definitely! I still need to figure out exactly what "checking in" means and learn about their community, but I am really excited about it and hope it does great things. I am also looking forward to trying to protein so i will let you know!

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