Let's Get Fitfluential!

Hello friends!

First, an announcement to make - the winner of my GnuBars giveaway, according to Random.org, is BILLIEJEAN! Congrats! I will be emailing you shortly about your prize - an entire case of Gnu bars. how great is that?

You know, the fact that I haven't been able to blog much makes me so sad! I have been super busy writing research papers - two down, with one more to go. This weekend all of the research papers will be finished, which will be really nice. I can't wait. What really sucks is that they are all due back to back, which means weeks of writing without doing much else - hence why my fitness level has been pretty much nonexistent still. However, I have been working to get my diet back on track. Since I've been eating so many sweets and unhealthy foods recently, I've been really focusing on eating more fruits and vegetables, which requires me to go to the school cafeteria - something I've been avoiding because of the hassle (you have to take a to-go box, then return the box before you can take something else to-go, and if you don't take the box back soon it starts to smell...plus, I have to leave my room to go to the cafeteria). Clearly, you can tell I can be pretty lazy. Ha.

I do have a couple of really exciting announcements though - first, I was accepted as a Fitfluential Ambassador! If you've been following PD for a while, you'll know that this has been a goal of mine for a while. I'm excited I achieved this goal and can now officially call myself a member of the Fitfluential family!

I've also been accepted into the Clever Girl Network - be sure to check them out as well! I feel that this is the start of something exciting for PD, and I can't wait to find out what exactly that "something" may be.

So, here is my next question - what healthy living related things would you like to see more of on PD? What "fitfluential" advice can I give you?

To get this started on the right foot, here are some things I found on Pinterest:

Both of these are things I need to remember. Too often we get caught up in the obsession to be skinny, when it's not about being skinny - it's about being healthy, no matter what your weight is. If only we could all remember that! 

I also recently received some free product coupons from Amy's Kitchen to review a few of their products. I decided to try the roasted vegetable lasagna, mushroom & olive pizza, and the teriyaki wrap. I thought all three were delicious, and I actually liked them (most to least) in that order. I love this company because they use all organic fruits and veggies - how can you go wrong? 

The lasagna was delicious, and I loved it because it had both red and white sauces. It was very creamy and smooth. It was definitely satisfying for a frozen lasagna, and I wanted more after it was all gone. 

The pizza crust was nice and crunchy, like all of their pizza crusts. I love mushrooms and olives on pizza, so I thought this was great. It had just enough sauce and cheese and was not too heavy. I ate four small pieces and didn't feel over loaded. Plus, you can eat 1/3 of the pizza and still not kill your calories for the day. 

The wrap was good, and it had a great asian flavor. I liked that this had brown rice instead of white, plus tofu, so it had a decent amount of protein. The only real complaint I had is that it was all brown - it needed some more color! The broccoli provided a little bit of green, but ended up getting swallowed by the brown sauce and rice. 

The Daisy Rating
4/5 daisies

I'm off to bed - it's been a long day and I have to start writing my third research paper tomorrow. Have a lovely night! 

Much love,