WIAW #26: It's Not Too Late!

It's still Wednesday! I can still make the party on time!!

I seriously always forget about WIAW until its too late (or nearly too late, in this case) Isn't it awful? This is why I so often miss the party...

But not tonight!

{What I Ate}

Froyo with Stuart

Quinoa fried rice with brussel sprouts, tofu, carrots & edamame

Fresh blueberries with whipped cream

So Delicious Passionate Mango coconut milk ice cream with chocolate chips

Pineapple coconut water. I think I need to stop trying to convince myself that I enjoy coconut water, because I really don't. Most of this went down the drain. What's wrong with me? Everyone else raves about this stuff.....the exception to this is the chocolate Zico coconut "water" that my foodie pen pal sent me last month. That also had coconut cream and tasted like yummy chocolate milk.

{What I Will Eat Soon}

My Perfect Fit Protein came in the mail today! Yay! I'm so excited to try it!!

{What I Want For My 21st Birthday} 

Which, by the way, is in 19 days (June 4, for those who don't want to count). What is everyone sending me in the mail?! :)

I actually don't have to wish for this. I already know I'm getting one. I can't wait! I can finally buy all of the Hunger Games books and re-read them... and buy my textbooks on here! This will be so much easier to carry around than a million books I don't use! YAY!

This was also part of my birthday present - a new desk for my room. Isn't it pretty? Especially with the roses from Stuart, my Marilyn picture, and my cupcakes picture?

I printed this picture off and framed it. I love it. 

Now, here is what I would want if I was rich and could buy a million more things:

Running Biblical tank

Anchor hoodie

Laptop skin

Mockingjay pin

The Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook

Yellow Sperrys

Micky Mouse sweatshirt


Wagon wheel tank

Brown boots

Super cute swimsuit

....and about a billion other things. Have I bored you out of your mind with pictures yet? One last thing; I am turning 21, after all...

These all sound delicious to me.

{What I'm Currently Doing}

Watching Pride & Prejudice on TV. I somehow managed to pull a B in my Jane Austen class this semester, which shocks me, considering I read 3/4 of Sense & Sensibility and nothing of all the other books. Regardless...I love all the movie adaptations I've seen so far. The BBC adaptation of Sense & Sensibility with Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Dominic Cooper, & Kate Winslet is my favorite so far, I think. 

"I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on." - Mr. Darcy

Okay, I think I've bored you all for long enough now... enjoy the rest of your WIAW reads and see you soon! <3

Much love,