Daring Bakers: Battenberg Cake

First, congrats to the winners of the last set of 21 Days of Giveaways winners! 

Mary B - Cookiehead brownies
Mkbell -Jillian Michael's DVD
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Congrats! Please email me your addresses so the goodies can be mailed to you! :)

This month for Daring Bakers, we made Battenberg Cake. Do you know those artsy little cakes that look like this?

Aren't they pretty? 

Well, mine didn't work out so much. I tried to make a cherry lime battenberg cake. 

Mandy of What The Fruitcake?! came to our rescue last minute to present us with the Battenberg Cake challenge! She highlighted Mary Berry’s techniques and recipes to allow us to create this unique little cake with ease.

Or at least, that's what we were told. This cake was definitely not easy for me. It should have been, but some of the flavoring tweaks I made to the cake recipe made for a very crumbly cake that didn't hold up. Not to mention that the cake colors looked awful. I was going for a beautiful pale pink and green, but instead....well, see for yourselves. 

It looked good going into the oven...

...And terrible coming out of the oven. The lime cake (green) held up pretty well, but the cherry cake (red) turned ugly and broke apart whenever it was touched. Needless to say, I will have to try making this cake again...but following the recipe this time! It's just too bad that I hate following recipes so much....

Hopefully it'll be better next time! Thanks Daring Bakers!

Much love, 


  1. I found the cake quite tricky to do as well. For start I didn't have a Battenberg tin and dividing my Lamington tin was a bit messy. I actually had to cut a lot of the cake to size but it's actually quite a nice flavour after all. Good luck with the next try.

  2. I think it looks good, and cherry-lime sounds like a great combination. I think this cake was a dry one and maybe a syrup would improve it, though probably make it even more fragile.

  3. i think it looks great! definitely better than anything I could do! haha

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself - your Battenberg looks fun, and the flavor choice was great!! I'd say that's a win!!

  5. Cherry-lime sounds like a great flavour combination! Too bad it didn't turn out the way you wanted. I have that same aversion to following recipes as written ... ;) I hope you have better luck next time!

  6. What a shame - sometimes we have to try things to find out if they work or not! I'm sure it still tasted great.