Guest Post: Career Opportunities in Nutrition

Hi everyone! Today I have another guest post for you from Heather! Heather will be talking to you about some different career opportunities you can take within the health & nutrition field today - something I definitely think is important to know. This is perfect for anyone interested in pursuing nutrition as a full time job. Take it away, Shana!

If you're someone who enjoys looking and feeling good and helping others to do the same, a career in wellness may be right up your alley. Whether you are into eating nutritious food, helping to get the kinks out of someone's sore muscles or pushing people to the peak of physical endurance, you can find an outlet for your interests in an alternative health care career. There are also plenty of career opportunities in the world of traditional health care.

As a nutritionist, your main job function is to get people to think about the relationship between what they put into their bodies and how they typically feel. Anyone can catch a cold or be down with the flu, but when someone is feeling tired and sluggish most of the time, it's a pretty sure bet their diet is suspect. Most of the time, you will work with clients who seek out your services, such as those who want to lose weight. You may also encounter people in the hospital who don't want to hear what you have to say. In either case, talking to someone about their diet can be a sensitive topic, so the perfect blend between light-heartedness and firmness will be essential in this career.

If you're really into the food and body connection, consider taking your career further and becoming a registered dietician. In this role, you would be responsible for planning menus for schools, hospitals, nursing homes, child care centers or other large institutions.

Personal Trainer

Working as a personal trainer gives you the opportunity to develop close relationships with your clients. They come to you because they want to get in shape and need your help to do it. As you push them to reach their fitness goals, they may claim that they hate you for it, but you should never take such an admonishment seriously. Personal trainers help to hold people accountable for their health and fitness goals when all they may want to do is curl up with a bag of potato chips.

As a personal trainer, you will most likely work for a commercial workout facility, although self-employment is a distinct possibility. With the second option, you may meet clients at your own fitness facility or travel to work with them at their homes.

Massage Therapist
When people get sore from the strains of everyday life or from following an exercise plan, a massage therapist is just the person they want to see. As a massage therapist, you will use a variety of different techniques to help alleviate pain and pressure for your clients. You may be employed in private practice, as a member of a sports organization or in a hospital or nursing home. In order to obtain the best results from massage, your patients typically meet with you on a regular schedule that the two of you determine together.

As a trained massage therapist, you need to be comfortable working with people in an intimate setting. After all, your patients won't feel the effect of a massage very well dressed in a suit and tie.

Traditional Health Care
If you're really into the health field, you don't have to limit yourself to only alternative health practices. There are plenty of opportunities available in traditional health care settings for people who have a desire to help others feel better. Some of the options available to you include becoming a doctor or registered nurse, a nurse's assistant, going into a specialty field like radiology or ultrasound technician and numerous other possibilities.

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