Bittersweet News for a Bittersweet Day

Guys! I have some upsetting news today. 

Today was my weekly weigh in. I gained a pound. I went from 144.6 to 145.8lbs. What happened? 

I've been monitoring my calories the same, working out, still cutting back on sweets... I'm not sure what happened. My only guess is that the weight I've gained is muscle, which is what I'm relying on. I mean, I feel like I've lost more fat this week, and I feel good about the direction I'm headed in, but I'm a little thrown but that gain. It's only a pound, yes, but I was hoping that scale would go down! 

It's time like these where I have to remember this pin: 

I'm only on week 3 of my 4 week challenge, but I can definitely see my body changing and am proud of the muscle that I can see and the flat stomach I know I will one day have. I'm halfway to the 8 week mark.

This is another good pin for me to remember.

And so is this one. I just have to keep myself motivated through all this and keep pushing as hard as I can. 

Can you guys think of any reason that there would be weight gain, or do you think it's muscle? I hope it's muscle!

In other news, today was my last day at my social media internship with Daelia's Biscuits for Cheese & Beer Flats. It's really bittersweet!

Me at the Fancy Food Show in Washington, DC from June 18-20, 2012
I really feel like I've done a lot to help the company expand their social media. I can only hope they feel the same way! 

While with them, we launched our new Beer Flats crackers, made with real beer!

Exciting, right?

More about the food show later. I'm off to the gym. Let me know your thoughts on the weight gain! 

Much love, 


  1. what a cute photo of you!! :) I'm sorry about the higher number...weight is funny because muscle weighs more than fat -- so if you're increasing your fitness, your muscle will be increasing too! keep it up and hang in there:) you're doing great!

  2. HoLY crap, I tried typing this comment 5 times and every time I was almost close to being done, the Google Reader on my iPad would turn off. Stupid thing. Anyway... maybe it's warning me not to comment? haha, whatever.

    Anyway, my thoughts on this:
    1. Don't stress too much about the weight. If you feel better, if you think you look better and you can notice a change then there is no way that's fat you've gained. It must be muscle especially if you are truly watching how much (calories) you eat and you expend the right amount of energy via exercise. It's simple math. Plus, it could be water retention. I have weeks like that where sometimes I weigh a 1 lb more than last week too but I feel A LOT better and leaner so I don't take it to heart and I mean, I'd rather feel better than have a small number on the scale anyway. Happiness > scale. No one knows that number except YOU anyway and it's for YOU to know it, people only know how you look like and that's what they go off of - they couldn't care less about the number because they simply don't even know what that number is (even if they cared haha which they don't). So keep doing what you're doing and you'll get there. Don't rush it. Just do it. (Ha, I sound like Nike commercial)
    2. I don't like that 3rd Pinterest pic you put up. The girl is way too skinny and it definitely would take me a lot longer than 6 months to get where she is. Or actually, I would never get there because she is obviously naturally skinny, you can tell by her arms and her whole body structure. So don't compare yourself to those pins; most of the time it's pictures tagged as #thinspo or even dangerously #fitspo which many anorexic girls use as well. You should strive to be healthy, happy, and lean, not skinny :) That's at least what I do.

    Sorry for the freaking essay hahaha I got carried away.
    Smile <3

  3. Just like the above comment said.. no need to stress out about that pound. I've always been one to feel good by how my clothes fit. You could be muscle, it could not be. You are doing what you should be doing though by exercising & eating healthy. Also, it could just be extra water. Everyones weight will go up or down @ different times throughout the day. Just smile, and remain positive girl. You're beautiful!


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