Product Review: KLUTCHClub

I was recently sent a lovely box from KLUTCHclub to review. 

What is KLUTCHclub? Well, its a monthly subscription service that provides subscribers with a box each month. That box contains over $50 worth of fitness, health, and wellness products like DVDs, workouts, snacks, makeup, and more. And you only pay $18 a month (or less)! You can subscribe for one month of one year, you choose. This is geared especially towards women. 

I received May's box. Inside was ONE coconut water, a water bottle, some wrinkle reducer cream, thinkthin bars, $50 worth of gift cards to Moving Comfort, and a free yoga workout download. Pretty cool, right? According to Kelly Olexa (one of the founders of FitFluential), this company has only been around since April and they already have over 6,000 subscribers! How crazy is that?

I am a little skeptical about ordering clothes online (you never know how clothes will fit), so I was nervous about ordering from Moving Comfort. However, when me workout clothes came and I tried them on, I was in love!

This is their Mobility 1/2 Zip jacket. Super cute and comfortable! And I love how there is a pocket in the back where you can keep your accessories while working out or running.

These are their Endurance Capris, which I am also in love with. They are super comfortable and also come with a zipper on the waist to store your accessories while running. Overall, I love Moving Comfort. Great company! 

Back to KLUTCHclub. I think this is a great idea, and I really appreciate that it's super affordable AND you can subscribe for only one month at a time. You really get your money's worth and more, that's for sure. I highly recommend checking them out

Much love,


  1. Love that on you, it looks amazing!

  2. KLUTCHclub is cool, I tried their box out a few weeks ago. Cool stuff. Awesome jacket!

  3. Wow I've never heard of hat before, I MUST try it ASAP!!!