Things I'm Loving #2

Because Friday was the Daring Bakers reveal day, I didn't post this week's "Things I'm Lovin'"! Sad, right? Here it is now to make it up to you! 

1. A Canticle for Leibowitz
I have to read this book for school in the fall, actually. For my english senior seminar class. Being the great student that I am (not), I decided to starting reading it early. It's really pretty good! The only reason I'm starting now is that I know once school starts, I won't actually read anything. I'll sparknotes all of my books. Because English students do nothing but read, which I don't have time to do during school. Kinda ironic, right? Anyways, the book is about this little monk-to-be who is stranded in the dessert during Lent, fulfilling his Lenten fast. He meets this crazy traveler, who actually leads him to this undiscovered fallout shelter from a pre-apocalyptic world, where the monk accidentally finds the remains of Saint Leibowitz's wife. It's a good read if you are looking for a good book. I love a good post-apocalyptic novel (The Hunger Games, anyone?)

2. LA Fitness
This is the gym I recently became a member of - until I go back to school. It's only $10 a week, and you can pay on a week to week basis. Cool, huh? And it's super close to my house.

3. Sheet Protectors
I love these because they can turn any sheet of paper into a dry erase board. Just slip your paper in the sheet protector and ta-da! You can write on it with a dry erase marker and wipe it right off. Try it for yourself! 

4. Turkey Pepperoni
Get the low-far turkey pepperoni. I love eating these as part of my lunch of as a snack. 15 slices has only 80 calories! Yum.

5. DIY Workout Shirts

These are super easy to make, and I love them! You can find out how to make them on Pinterest. There are a million explanations on how to make them! My only note - use a L or XL tshirt, because they will get tighter when you start cutting and tying. 

6. So Delicious Almond Milk Products
I'm not a fan of their almond milk ice cream in the pints, but have you tried these? 

The stores around me are finally getting these products in, and I love them. Those mini ice cream bars are divine and have a strong coffee flavor. And I love almond milk anyways, but this has extra protein. Win!

7. Trash Cans
Okay, weird, I know. But I just got a trash can from walmart that is the perfect shade of red and totally matches the walls of my room. I love it! 

What have you been lovin this week? 
Much love, 


  1. What a great gym deal, I am jealous I can't afford one because they are like freaking expensive in DC. I have been loving turkey bacon but I do love turkey pepperoni too! That ice cream and milk looks good,I haven't tried that kind.

    1. i know, right? i couldnt believe it when i saw that deal!

  2. Turkey Pepperoni is seriously so good. Ha, love that you are "lovin" on some trash cans lately.. but I totally see why.

    I'm lovin on my new protein powder & the olympics being on :)