Product Review: Banana & Pear Cho

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love Chobani

Funny story: I used to hate yogurt. Of pretty much any kind. Especially Greek yogurt. When I did eat yogurt, I would buy the bad-for-you  kind by Yoplait with high fructose corn syrup and other gross things. Not to say I've been eating incredibly healthfully recently (I haven't been), but now that I've tasted Chobani, that's pretty much all I buy.

I have to give Chobani props. They are the brand that first made me enjoy Greek yogurt! 

On that note - Cho has two new flavors - which they sent me to review (aren't they the best?): Banana and Pear. I received 6 of each flavor, as well as this nifty spoon with a cup of Cho engraved on the handle and "#tastereal" on the back. It was super high quality spoon too, made form heavy metal. Coolest. Spoon. Ever. 

Much like other Cho flavors, these weren't incredibly strong in taste. The pear was the strongest, and thus my favorite - crisp and sweet, with a strong pear flavor and crunchy pear pieces. The banana, which I expected to taste like banana pudding, was very subtle. If I hadn't known this was banana, I would have guessed it was plain or possibly vanilla. Nevertheless, it was good. 

My only criticism lies with the pear yogurt. The first one I tried was perfectly thick and creamy, but the rest were watered down and tasted like they expired (my roommate questioned if they had expired, when in fact, they hadn't). It just did not look appetizing and ended up being thrown away. I'm not sure what to attribute this too, other than pears are a naturally pretty juicy fruit, but I don't think that's the reason for this Cho turning out the way it did. 

Banana, however, was consistently thick and creamy with pieces of real banana. It was a win all across the board. 

I would highly recommend digging through Pinterest for a banana bread recipe that uses Greek yogurt or sour cream (there are a million) and trying it with this banana Cho instead. I think it would work really well! 

Cho has really been on a creative kick recently, coming out with a bunch of new flavors. Check out their new products here. Have you seen Chobani Bites? Those little, 100-calorie, 4 pack yogurts in fun flavors like Caramel with Pineapple, Raspberry with Chocolate Chips, Fig with Orange Zest and Coffee with Dark Chocolate? Those look incredibly divine. 

There is also Chobani Flips, which I haven't actually seen in stores yet. These, by far, look the best to me. Especially the Key Lime flavor - it starts with a base of key lime yogurt, and you "flip" part of the package to mix in graham cracker and white chocolate pieces. Sounds yummy, right?!

Aside from the rather watery pear yogurt, I am still impressed with the quality products that Cho always puts out. Thanks, Cho, for another great experience. 

What do you think about Cho's new products? What do you want to try the most?